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#yogajewellery • List images about yogajewellery via Instagram

Belinda 💚🌴👏🌊🏄 Byron Bay 💚 - @naturemala Instagram Accountnaturemala

Belinda 💚🌴👏🌊🏄 Byron Bay 💚

Belinda 💚🌴👏🌊🏄 Byron Bay 💚 - @naturemala Instagram Photo

I love to bellydance, saddly I don't do it very often. But it makes me feel very embraced and fullfilled. Have you thought about doing it? Don't wait, just start and have fun. It doesn't matter how old you are or how your bodyshape looks like. Its like fitness just in a much morebeautiful way.The beneficial effects on the body, both mental and physical are infinite. There is a myriad of health benefits experienced by bellydancers of this art form. - Increased mobility- Reduced muscle and joint pain- Enhanced general sense of well being- Confidence.This video was taken in my garden in switzerland at the end of the summer. Those wings i bought new they are originally from agypt. They are called isis wings. I love the color of mine, in gold they feel like im an angel flying into the sky

Lucy Andrews - @_lucyjandrews Instagram Account_lucyjandrews

Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews - @_lucyjandrews Instagram Photo

A fantastic celebration at the launch of Nirvana Jewellery last night. Thank you so much to all who came, your presence was very much appreciated! @nirvanajewellery_official

NIRVANA JEWELLERY - @nirvanajewellery_official Instagram Accountnirvanajewellery_official


NIRVANA JEWELLERY - @nirvanajewellery_official Instagram Photo

Thank you to a dear friend who gifted this stunning display of flowers for our launch yesterday. And to @havenandsarahfor the perfection#nirvanajewelleryofficial#stoplookbreathe

NIRVANA JEWELLERY - @nirvanajewellery_official Instagram Accountnirvanajewellery_official


NIRVANA JEWELLERY - @nirvanajewellery_official Instagram Photo

Founders John Tarasin and Lucy Andrews celebrating the official launch of Nirvana Jewellery last night. A brilliant night and a huge heart felt thanks to all who attended. Your support and presence is deeply appreciated. Thank You ️ #nirvanajewelleryofficial#stoplookbreathe

Magic Malas - @magic_malas Instagram Accountmagic_malas

Magic Malas

Magic Malas - @magic_malas Instagram Photo

SUPPORT YOUR TRANSFORMATION. If you're a yogini, there's no doubt that you are familiar with or have at least heard of malas. These are garlands of beads used during mantra meditation. Handknotted malas are quite the investment. But which mala do you choose? And how do you use it to transform your life? Investing in a Magic Mala makes it easy. Take a look at the website and you'll find detailed information about the energetic frequencies of each gemstone type and how it can help you on your journey to transformation. And upon delivery, you'll receive a beautiful presentation box and advice and suggestions about how to use your mala. Finally, because malas are made to be used, your purchase includes free restringing within the first 6 months, worth £35. If you're looking for a quality mala and to feel taken care of, then look no further. Click link in bio to learn more about where you are on your journey and what can help you#magicmalas

Marta • Mala Beads - @yogadotom Instagram Accountyogadotom

Marta • Mala Beads

Marta • Mala Beads - @yogadotom Instagram Photo

This new ombré wrist mala... ... is everything! I live the Om pendant and how the beautiful and gentle white Jade works with Aventurine. It is so delicate, so comforting, the energy is like a big warm hug.Have a look at the complete mala in my Etsy shop!Healing crystals - my everyday magic◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂PINK AVENTURINE - works with the Higher-Heart Chakra, and can impart a wonderful sense of well-being. A very calming stone that can help clear the way for an understanding of alternatives in one's life, removing any feelings of being trapped in a certain circumstance. Pink Aventurine can also facilitate creative inspiration.Meditating with Pink Aventurine can aid in balancing the subtle bodies and reinforcing the flow of energy through them. ◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂••#japamala#malabeads#healingcrystals#prehnite#crystalhealing#reiki#mala#malakette#yoga#yogajewellery#yogajewelry#meditation#meditationbeads#yogagirl#yogalife#meditationbeads#essentialoils#doterra

Mel - @littlegemsbymel Instagram Photo

How do you prioritise your energy this busy time of year?

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