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UW Performance Programme (@uw_performance) Instagram Profile Photouw_performance

UW Performance Programme

UW Performance Programme (@uw_performance) Instagram Photo

Well done @uwlfcfor securing your place in the next round of the cup after today’s game against Kent! @uowwise#football#ladies#performance#win#nextround#womeninsportandexercise

Olivia Whelan (@oliviawhelanacts) Instagram Profile Photooliviawhelanacts

Olivia Whelan

Olivia Whelan (@oliviawhelanacts) Instagram Photo

It’s been a minute since I posted a boxing pic, and that’s because it’s been a minute since I’ve been boxing. A minor Achilles set back means a few months of recovery, but that’s ok. I always learn new things in PT and come out with new tools to come out stronger, which I now am. Life is full of setbacks, which can actually push you forward if you let them. We’re always in some sort of boxing ring, fighting something within ourselves our out there in the world. As long as you come out better in the end, you win. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone. I am thankful for this sport. #boxing#strong#stronger#iba#fight#swing#land#win🥊🦋🥇

Yess For Hair (@yessforhair) Instagram Profile Photoyessforhair

Yess For Hair

Yess For Hair (@yessforhair) Instagram Photo

Wij doen mee met de Flair wedstrijdMogen wij eventjes een momentje van jouw tijd vragen? We hebben jouw stem namelijk nodig om Yess for Hair zo veel mogelijk reviews en sterren te bezorgen. Deelnemen is eenvoudig en kan door op onderstaande link te klikken.Je kan inloggen via Facebook...Bij de foto van Yess for Hair (reviews-Wat vind jij van Yess for Hair?) kan je het gewenst aantal sterren aanduiden en invullen waarom je zoveel sterren geeft. Wie weet worden wij door jouw hulp wel 'het beste kapsalon van Vlaanderen'. O ja, en misschien win jij hierdoor zelf ook wel 1 van de 50 toestellen van Babyliss!Deze wedstrijd loopt van 21 november tot 12 december 2017. Enkel de reviews die binnen die periode werden gepost, tellen mee.Hopelijk stemmen jullie ons naar detop. Alvast bedankt!GroetjesSelin & Sibel

Rebekah Van Natta (@rvnfit) Instagram Profile Photorvnfit

Rebekah Van Natta

Rebekah Van Natta (@rvnfit) Instagram Photo
dr pilatesReportShareDownload11

Last Saturday teaching a #hiitworkshop! Today is #workoutwednesdaywhat did you get in today?? I’m feeling better today and getting my first home workout in, in almost 2 weeks!! Don’t forget TODAY is the LAST DAY TO SUBMIT FOR MY 1 MIN PUSH UP CHALLENGE!!! We are picking the 3 WINNERS tomorrow!DON’T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!I’m giving away $300.00 TOTAL/ $100.00 EACH to 3 participants in my PUSH UP CHALLENGE! RULES TO PLAY:1st: Make sure you are following me2nd:Record yourself doing as many push-ups as you can in 1 minute (Try For 50!)3rd: Hashtag #rvnfit4th: Tag me & 3 of your friends to participate5th: Enter as many times as you’d like, the more hashtags the more likely you will get picked!THE CHALLENGE WILL END ON THANKSGIVING DAY & WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED!As most of you know, our goal is to share what we love doing. Living life to the fullest, feeling strong, confident, and able to accomplish whatever it is you set out to do. I have a story, YOU have a story! In order to share we must give, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. Let me be a part of your journey, and let’s grow stronger body, mind, and soul together. Right now…1 Push Up At A Time #rvnfit

ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. (@endoxosports) Instagram Profile Photoendoxosports


ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. (@endoxosports) Instagram Photo

Congratulations @maribel_hurdles98🤜🥉 step by step! We’re #teamendoxosports

Audition Mode (@am_duo) Instagram Profile Photoam_duo

Audition Mode

Audition Mode (@am_duo) Instagram Photo

We are VERY excited to announce our 2018 dates - June 18-23 at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD. Until December 15 we are offering a HUGE discount for the seminar. Go to our website (LINK in BIO) to register...#frenchhorn#horn#brass#musician#classicalmusic#practice#auditionmode#amduo#am2018#auditions#orchestra#symphony#win

House Of Beasts (@hobeasts) Instagram Profile Photohobeasts

House Of Beasts

House Of Beasts (@hobeasts) Instagram Photo

Something we've all lost a bit in the last few years is the habit of reading. Thanks to the internet, we don't read books anymore...But trust us, you'll learn more about yourself, others, and the world around you when you can look into the minds of authors and writers who pen down books...Stop those instant gratification romcoms, comedy shows, and other nonsense..Take a book today and read. Pick one, the choice is yours. But read. And continue reading. Make it a habit...Your future self will thank you for this decision..#hobeasts  ______#readbooks#educate#learn#learnfrommistakes#learnfromothers#grow#mindpower#hungryformore#hungryforsuccess#success#doyourthing#inspire#motivate#win#dowhatothersdont#billgates#motivationalbooks#inspirationalbooks#business#entrepreneurship#readmore#books#bookslove#reader#lifequotes

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