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Kara Jean Kress (@karajeanessentials) Instagram Profile Photokarajeanessentials

Kara Jean Kress


all ready for bed with Zoe, Lambchop, and my trusty oils that help me get a good nights sleep!seriously these 3 together are a d r e a m !!..peace & calminglavendercedarwood..(side note: guys, just look at her cute little sleepy face! )

SOPHIE KENDALL❤🌲 (@sophiekendallcoaching) Instagram Profile Photosophiekendallcoaching


The consistency challenge has been super kick ass1667184286207361173

The consistency challenge has been super kick ass for my members and me tbis last week. All of us are working on habits to reach our goals.Here are some of them: Practice music, read, alcohol abstinence, screen-free time, eat out less, clear out clutter from our spaces, increase water consumption, meditate, focus on family time, finances - staying within a budget. YES during the holidays. Oh, and I forget. Some of us are working on fitness..hee hee :) We are going for 15 out of 21 days with the guiding mantra that progress is more important than perfection. We are also tracking and reflecting on progress because that is key, and improving ourselves daily by going small but thinking BIG is how you get there!Next week I am gearing up to have a SUPER productive week, and meal planning helps me do that. I don't have to think about what I'm doing. I just warm it up, top it with my favorite toppings, take a small break to eat and recharge and get BACK TO IT!

Gwy (과이) (@gwylozada) Instagram Profile Photogwylozada

Gwy (과이)

autumn beats spring, summer and winter altogether1667187272208733696

autumn beats spring, summer and winter altogetherno need to fite me, explain why u think otherwise and ill explain too :) #wholesomehahaha ㅋㅋㅋ

into a new life ☄️ (@heterononsense) Instagram Profile Photoheterononsense

into a new life ☄️

fsghkdih great comet is uh my fav and i hardcore s 1667182544582083952

fsghkdih great comet is uh my fav and i hardcore spent today missing it bc alex gibson liked my reply on twitter