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People of Alabama (@peopleofal) Instagram Profile Photopeopleofal

People of Alabama

People of Alabama (@peopleofal) Instagram Photo

“People will look at me and count the number of championships that we won and the accomplishments that we had on the athletic field, but to me, our biggest accomplishments were helping all those women for 36 years grow into the women that they are. Making a difference in young women’s lives, I think that is the highlight of my husband’s and my career.” Sarah Patterson, former University of Alabama Women's Gymnastics head coach #peopleofalabama#alabama200

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Marc Anthony Paumig 🇵🇭🇺🇸🇳🇿 ( Instagram Profile

Marc Anthony Paumig 🇵🇭🇺🇸🇳🇿

Paul (@psj2888) Instagram Photo

So, the start of December is looking pretty good if you ask me @newburyracecourse@sandownparkracecourse#wherelegendsaremade#ladbrokestrophy#tinglecreek

Morgan Taylor Jones (@msmorgantaylor) Instagram Profile Photomsmorgantaylor

Morgan Taylor Jones

Morgan Taylor Jones (@msmorgantaylor) Instagram Photo
Apollo TheaterReportShareDownload17218

Been trying to find the words to describe Saturday but I'm still not sure if it's fully hit me that I performed at the legendary @apollotheater.There's probably only been a few times that I've felt as good before, during, and after a show a I did this weekend. Being on that stage was incredible. But just as important, was the love and support that I felt in that room and beyond. I had folks there from North Carolina, D.C., Atlanta, Brooklyn, Harlem... whether you were there or supported from afar, thank you.To my Mom (@mrsmrsjones1 ) for making my outfit, to @nickiawilliamsartistryon makeup, and @hairloveladieson hair (better glam photos coming soon) - thank you.We all need those moments that remind us of our purpose and Saturday did that for me. Best part? We just gettin started, baby#morgantaylorjones#mtj#morganmusicmondays#mmm#apollotheater#wherelegendsaremade

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