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Jill Wheatley (@p31_collaborative) Instagram Profile Photop31_collaborative

Jill Wheatley

Jill Wheatley (@p31_collaborative) Instagram Photo

It’s a #sickdayfor Mommy. Thankfully #miniwheatleyis happily entertained by one of her favorite movies, #sing . It looks like I’ve got a #tinymariahon my hands. #vocalruns#powerstance#sierraonsienna

 Yoko B. Honda (Koko)  (@yokobhonda) Instagram Profile Photoyokobhonda

 Yoko B. Honda (Koko) 

 Yoko B. Honda (Koko)  (@yokobhonda) Instagram Photo

Voice (n) . The sound produced in a person's larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song.【↑Common definition】VOICE (as an instrument) .• Something that shakes your soul• Punch in the head feelings “Love at first listen”• Synchronizes and/or Evoke many objects; Memories, emotions, scenes, views, stories, pictures, histories, and so forth.・・・And those abilities of lyrics writing, performance, composition(song writing)... Along with an exceptional singing voice. Some even have programming skills, mix/master engineering skills, accompanying or dancing skills on top of that.It’s like those people who have multiple full-time jobs or work life equivalent to that.Singersongwriters, I’m simply in awe.・・・This artist I’m posting here - think it was about 15years ago I’ve seen him live, luckily right off of the stage. One of the artists I felt that any top notch microphones or recording technologies won’t do justice to capture his “voice”. With presence.・・・Starting this week, I’ll be working on an orchestral remix originally written by another extraordinary singersongwriter whose voice also gave me an unforgettable moment. Gosh her VOICE.I’m very fortunate!Till our magical concoction’s done and ready for all of you – Stay warm everyone!!!🤧️PS – “Music goes beyond words”. Beyond any differences existing.・・・#repost@kiyokiyotakaLas VegasのRed Rocksで撮影してきた【IGNITE】のMVFull ver.はYouTubeでニューアルバム「あなたがいてくれたから 」より「#ignite」死を見つめることで、生と真っ直ぐ向き合う。限りある命の炎を燃やし、遺していきたい想い。清貴のソウルを感じて下さい・・・#清貴#kiyotaka#redrocks#redrock#vegas#lasvegas#mv#voice#thevoice#vocal#sing#singer#sang#sanger#slay#run#vocalruns

Tyra Thompson (@tyrathompsonmusic) Instagram Profile Phototyrathompsonmusic

Tyra Thompson

Tyra Thompson (@tyrathompsonmusic) Instagram Photo

Back with another #casualcoverof "Get You" by @danielcaesar

Kat Jade (@katamonjade) Instagram Profile Photokatamonjade

Kat Jade

Kat Jade (@katamonjade) Instagram Photo

Attempting vocal runs that are way too ambitious#singing#vocalruns

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