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#fromthearchives: “The Congo River” by Cédric Gerb 1668641646205943655

#fromthearchives : “The Congo River” by Cédric Gerbehaye/ @maps.imagesIn this reportage, Cédric focuses on the river which is the spine of the country named after it. After the Amazon, the majestic Congo River is the largest river in the world. A natural boundary between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo, it is the only route across the country from the East to the West. "The river is a link between the Katanga mines", explained Cédric in 2010. "As well as the equatorial forest, and the conflicts of the East and the capital city, Kinshasa, in the West. It marks the end of my project on Congo." Shortly before the country celebrated half a century of independence, Cédric began his journey into the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a huge bulging vein in the heart of Africa; the river has a unique cultural, biological and geographical diversity.As a waterway leading inland, it played a critical role during colonization. "Both the Lingala language and Belgian colonial forces spread along the river banks," Cedric explained. "It's a look back in history." Pictured is an image from the photo essay, which was exhibited at #visapourlimagein 2010. The caption: #democraticrepublicofcongo , December #2009 . Drying #cassavaon the back deck of the Kotakoli in Lileko.Photo © Cédric Gerbehaye / @maps.imagesfor @geomagazin