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Niki, 21, 🇬🇷


[Passengers/2016]⤵[Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller- Rating: 7/10]⤵First, I want to say that I am not the biggest fan of movies set in space, but I wanted to watch this one, due to the the good critiques I’ve heard! Well, it was a good decision apparently, because I sincerely enjoyed it!The story line was quite clever and it felt genuine, as at least I haven’t seen something like that before. Of course, after “Interstellar” was a huge success, space movies kept emerging, but this one was rather good. The pairing of Lawrence and Pratt worked out well, they had a lot of chemistry that was pretty obvious. I also enjoyed the fact that there was humor in the movie as well, because it made the atmosphere a lot lighter and funny.When Jim (Pratt) woke up first and found himself alone in the spacecraft, I felt so sorry for him, because there was no way for him to go back to sleep for the remaining 90 years. After a year passed though, he decided to wake up Aurora (Lawrence) in order to have some company, and I believe that this decision was out of his depression of being alone for so long. At first, I was so mad at him, as he would destroy her life forever, but then I sympathized with him and tried to understand him in order to keep watching without wanting to smash him!One of my favourite scenes was towards the end, when Aurora tried everything in her power to revive Jim, because she realised that although he had woken up and destroyed her supposedly future, he mattered more than that, as she had come to love him deeply. That realisation was so sweet and hit me right in the feels!Closing this review, the outcome is that this is a nice movie with the proper amount of romance, humour and action, so it is definitely a must see for a fun night spent in the house!

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Jingle bella, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh 1671143055224331998

Jingle bella, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to eat a rich and moist plum cake!!!! I had to sing! I just had to because this is the best fruit cake ever! Why should you make this you ask?Kid Friendly ️Eggless ️Whole wheat flour ️Easy ️No Booze ️Rich and Moist ️ Go make it today! Full recipe video in the link in profile. Recipe:

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abbie 🍒

am i the only one who finds bellydancingboy annoyi 1671145235752536026

am i the only one who finds bellydancingboy annoying asf

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Funny Videos and Vines

TAGWHO WILL FIND THIS HILLARIOUS !.follow @mad 1671145207137323185

TAGWHO WILL FIND THIS HILLARIOUS !.follow @madovervinesfor more videos!

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Steven Pajewski

@gfuelenergy has perfect sized tubs, when you’re a 1671144293065324091

@gfuelenergyhas perfect sized tubs, when you’re at the end it fits in the shaker cup! Shame I’m out