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Valerian Putty is part 2 of my Valerian Trio. If y 1668743230497003202

Valerian Putty is part 2 of my Valerian Trio. If you haven't seen the movie you really need to. The special effects are incredible! This putty is scented Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher and will be available in my restock. Date and time to be determined soon! .....I just can't get enough of this gorgeous metallic putty! Please comment below if you have seen. The movie and what your favorite character was.......#valerian#putty#metallic#clearslime#adultslimer#slime#karinagarcia#getnoticed#asmr#popping#clearslimepopping#crunchyslime#dramallama#sadllama#twaimz#happyllama

Dr Mike 2000 (@dr_mike_2000) Instagram Profile Photodr_mike_2000

Dr Mike 2000

Universe Gun #9 p10 is up!A pause for character1668737808577505515

Universe Gun #9p10 is up!A pause for character dialog.I'd wanted to write this conversation for a while, as the 37th Century team struggle to understand Moon Girl's old-fashioned ways, just as we might have some odd ideas about how people lived in the Dark Ages.On that establishing shot I took the rare move of drawing shadows to reinforce the campfire feel with the main gang. The lighting is done by colouring everything normally but specifying bright colours (palest blues, buttery yellow and hot pink here) to use on the faces turned towards the lights. I then place a 30-40% black mask over everything, select these bright colours on the inks layer and then cut them out of the mask. It's crude, and very specific to my own wierd art style, but it works. This whole issue was an exercise in this lighting method, as the lights saty off for quite some time...As the kids huddle together and eat, Venus and Cyberius stand apart. What is she thinking on that last panel?Read the whole psychedelic scifi saga so far at!Track down physical copies at the following stores:@greenlightcomics(Adelaide)@pulp -fiction-comics (Adelaide)@ascmelbourne(Melbourne)@santacarlastore(Melbourne)@mca.studios(Brisbane/online)@acecomicssales(Brisbane)or go to

Lisa Black ♌🦁🍋🍓 (@girlbandreject) Instagram Profile Photogirlbandreject

Lisa Black ♌🦁🍋🍓

"Up since 5 am and bedtime just might happen early 1668700587636478813

"Up since 5 am and bedtime just might happen early because this is my life don't judge me" Deluxe 2.0Special edition cat included.Valerian and Claritin sold separately#sleepy#sleep#earlybird#valerian#bedtime#sophie#sleepyvoice#nightfall#goodnight

That's 5 less bucks for Ninja Turtles dang it!.# 1668696788788125112

That's 5 less bucks for Ninja Turtles dang it!.#valerian

👤 Muhəmməd Zahidov 🇦🇿 (@muhemmed.zahidov) Instagram Profile Photomuhemmed.zahidov

👤 Muhəmməd Zahidov 🇦🇿

Izlemeye deyer .. 1668688942940861663

Izlemeye deyer ..