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Andy Long Huynh (@andyhuynhlifts) Instagram Profile Photoandyhuynhlifts

Andy Long Huynh

W5D4| Heavy Deadlift.Sumo deadlift @ 375x1DB ro 1671540992207458653

W5D4| Heavy Deadlift.Sumo deadlift @ 375x1DB rowHip abduction.Halp, I’m hurt. Was supposed to do 5 singles at 375# but my lower back gave out on the second set so ended up only doing one single... HALP #barbellelite#neverletup#bemore.Shirt: @barbellelite_Belt: @pioneer_fitShin savers: @mbslingshotLifting straps: @elitefts

7 sets on deads 411x4x3 and 365x3x4 backoffs. Then some 2cts on bench at 4x4 with a top set of 240@terrypangg@jchuipowerlifting@_sangstrong@matthewckm@frankiepu@uglyassnoodlelegs@ko_fitness5@kareeembaassiri@brian_youngg

The Aggressive Society (@agrxvsociety) Instagram Profile Photoagrxvsociety

The Aggressive Society

Thoughts????? 1671536715142796964