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Having my name in the media as a candidate for JP1667079716891159014

Having my name in the media as a candidate for JP 4 is so exciting! If elected, I will do everything within my power to make my community proud! #lopezforjp4#votelocal#useyourvoice

Karma 💙 (@karmatheartist) Instagram Profile Photokarmatheartist

Karma 💙

So this right pulled so heavily on my heart string 1666990818659843068

So this right pulled so heavily on my heart strings that I HAD to repost. It breaks my heart when I think of all the kids tormented just for living inside of their own God given bodies.I was teased when I was younger and whats worse is a lot of it came from my own family who still don't understand the levels of damage and insecurities I developed because I was TOO young to understand that it was "just jokes." I was tall and "too skinny" & after so many "jokes" I locked myself in my room and ate my way into a quiet depression trying to gain enough weight so they could stop talking. Only I then gained "too much" weight which became a whole new battle.So as a former victim of bullying and a former educator who had to mentor kids through moments such as these I feel compelled to do even more. I have plans to do SO MUCH more for the youth in this world and I welcome anyone who wants to help me execute this vision because I don't make music to glorify myself but to help empower others.Let's do better and teach the youth to do better as well. #dobetterchallengelet's start that NOW!!!

Elise Woods (@primandlovely) Instagram Profile Photoprimandlovely

Elise Woods

Sunday’s are for the babes.While I was in Ch 1666966348888112698

Sunday’s are for the babes.••While I was in Chicago, this past September, I was able to invite local bloggers and entrepreneurs to brunch, to share my heart and passion for women creatives. This brunch is just a glimpse of what my journey will look like. Here is to many more of meeting you fabulous ladies! ️•••#bossbabe#ladiesofinstagram#womenempowerment#pushit#influencer#influencerstyle#planyourlife#lifestyle#lifestylebrand#findyourbrand#hustle#wakeandslay#inspiredby#ladyboss#slayallday#dontletthemdimyourlight#sparklebaby#useyourvoice#yourvoicematters#dallaslifestyleblogger#lifestyleblogger


Not sure how many of you are keeping tabs on Net Neutrality, but it is extremely important. Don't miss your opportunity to voice your opinion. ..#netneutrality#savetheinternet#tellyourcongressman#tellyoursenator#dontsleep#useyourvoice#protest


9/12/2017 no more slavery, anywhere! #protest#libyaslavetrade#useyourvoice