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Jay Fancourt - @jayy_1011 Instagram Profile Photojayy_1011

Jay Fancourt

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I ended my leg session today with a 200kg leg press!! 2 sets of 8reps, pretty proud of myself and my progress in a few short months! Huge thanks to Damian @primetime_fitness__coachingfor everything! Excited to keep pushing and breaking through my limits! @therock@underarmour#growth#fitness#legday#legpress#personalbest#typicalgymselfie#typicalgympost#proudofmyself#training#goals#neverskiplegday#newshoes#projectrock#therock#underarmour#usdna#traininsaneorremainthesame

Ashan Perera - @ashan.11 Instagram Profile Photoashan.11

Ashan Perera

S Y U H A D A K - @dakster_81 Instagram Profile Photodakster_81


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Big shout out to my newfound buddy @rocksdnaWe are all a big project to better ourselvesIt does not matter whether ur young,old,novice,fat,skinny,weak,screwed up,womanising douche bag or from a broken family.All that matters is we try to improveTake it from me,been through a lotThrough these tough times,close friends and family have to stick togetherFortunately enough I have @lianaprince1081by my side, close friends and familyIf a brother is down,pick him upSad,cheer him upRelationship problems,talk it outScrewed up,move onStop whining like a bitch and plough throughBe humble and kind to one another. .It won't hurt to show gratitudeLife goes on and I'm fucking tired typing this down..I'm just bored at workBottom line,MAN is still goodOk bye cunts#projectrock#usdna#underarmour

Devi Godri - @deviwarrenmorgan Instagram Photo

Never get bored of this handsome face (and the bod and the tats!) and all his accomplishments. You rock, Rock! @therock#repost@therock(@get_repost )・・・Today you conquer.It’s finally here.. @underarmour ’s most anticipated drop of 2017 is AVAILABLE NOW.Our #projectrock#usdnaCollection for men and women.Stay strong. Train hard.Enjoy your new gear. * LINK to purchase in my bio.

Mast Karthik - @mastkarthik Instagram Profile Photomastkarthik

Mast Karthik

Mast Karthik - @mastkarthik Instagram Photo

Just bring it #usdna#newmotivation

therock - @therock Instagram Profile Phototherock


therock - @therock Instagram Photo

Sharp dressed man.Appreciate brotha @stephencurry30rockin’ our new #projectrock@underarmourcollection from head to toe.I will now take full credit for Stephen going down in history as the NBA’s greatest shooter of all time.Luv ya man and thank you guys worldwide for making this collection a big success and personal motivator.#goat#projectrock#usdna

Rich Evans - @richevans Instagram Profile Photorichevans

Rich Evans

Rich Evans - @richevans Instagram Photo

Heading to the big smoke - book, my new #usdna#projectrockbackpack - thanks to @kellie_evansfor letting me have my Xmas present early - and I am set to kick some holes in the sky and make forward progress on my journey.

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