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The Struggle To Success (@jaytee_954) Instagram Profile Photojaytee_954

The Struggle To Success

The Struggle To Success (@jaytee_954) Instagram Photo
Miami LIVEReportShareDownload010

Shout out @suddsuddsuddfor putting together a dope event last night.. It's always love when we link up #bringyourownbeatz#djesudd#streetexecs#truuniversity#oneday

Broadcast Houston on YouTube (@broadcasthouston) Instagram Profile Photobroadcasthouston

Broadcast Houston on YouTube

BougieBrotherSean (@bougiebrothersean) Instagram Profile Photobougiebrothersean


BougieBrotherSean (@bougiebrothersean) Instagram Photo

SkoolyBacCWArdFeELingS Review:CLASS HIP-HOP 101MUSIC GRADE: D-First offWhat took this man so long to drop another mixtape.  He supposed to be making as much music as 2Chainz right now.  But after listening to the 1st 5 tracks, i see why.  Skooly is still trying to impress and not being the original him.  And if this is being the original him, this is horrible. I really expected SWAGGER to be one of the better song buuuuuuut,  just another one and done. He tries to bring it back into perspective later with  tracks like "FUCC IT UP SUH" and "VICARIOUS MOMENTS", but by then, its too late. He's not lyrical enough to be and elite Atlanta artist but his harmonizing isn't strong enough to compete with average Atlanta rapper. So Skooly kinda stuck in the middle. Listen to this mixtape, idk if he will ever get out of the conundrum. There moment where i hear a little Kodak Black in his flow, and he tries to pull the Young Thug flow on the Young Thug featured track, which brings me to the conclusion he's still trying to find his own flow. There's track you can hear that you can tell he didn't have any influence with making the track. "FISH RICE & GRITS" could have been the direction of the mixtape, but the commitment to the harmonizing doesn't give the whole body of work an appealing look.OVERALLYour not missing out on anything by skipping this tape. You could prolly pop "ISSA" 21 Savage back on and be satisfied.CLASS HIP-HOP 101MUSIC GRADE: D-#truuniversity#skooly#baccwardfeelings#baccwardfeelingsreview#musicreview#truuuu#carrwaxx#bougieblackbrotherpodcast#bougieblackbrothernetwork

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