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Ava Obscura (@ava_obscura) Instagram Profile Photoava_obscura

Ava Obscura

I'm tired of living in a world where the people I1671773796354330323

I'm tired of living in a world where the people I care about are not safe. Where I am not safe.And where all of the people who are more likely to be hurt, to be discriminated against, to be shot, to be fired, judged, murdered, ignored, forgotten, overlooked by the media, or minimalizedby the American government are brushed aside. It's time to treat humans like humans. Full stop.I'm non-binary. I'm transfemme. I'm weird. I'm quiet. I'm odd. If you can't treat me like a human, fuck you. If you want to try to harm the people I love, fuck you. We just want basic respect. We want to be treated like humans. It's not hard.Just let me live. Let us live.Image Quote from Derek Webb.