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Brooke Enchin (@brookeenchin) Instagram Profile Photobrookeenchin

Brooke Enchin

Brooke Enchin (@brookeenchin) Instagram Photo

TURKISH GET-UPS (16kg)~This is one my favourite exercises to perform and teach! It requires shoulder stabilization holding the kettlebell overhead, lower body to bring you up from the floor and loads of core stability throughout the whole movement! You also can’t forget all of the balance and coordination that comes with it. ~MY TOP TIPS1. Keep wrist neutral2. Drive elbow and foot into the floor3. Push shoulder away from ear4. Keep straight alinement with your arms~Try and incorporate getups into your next workout!~~#personaltrainer#fitness#fit#fitnessmotivation#kettlebell#kettlebellworkout#turkishgetup#fitspo#workoutvideo#abs#absworkout#trainer#training

Raphaella ⚜ (@raphaelle_pink_trainer) Instagram Photo

On beast modePost-prep start tomorrow for me and I’m ready to push myself more than ever ! Took my before picture so now let’s the results talk by themselves looks delicious#mealprep #healthyfood #proovethemwrong #pinkfitness #ontrackagain #watchme #lovethisgym #bikinicompetition #myweightlossjourney #pospartum #fitmom #mominshape #bikinifitness #getfit #fitinspiration #girlwithmuscles #goals #strongwomen #trainingday #training #trainer #athleticfitness #amazingmom #fitness #whatagoal

Maya Talisa (@mayatalisa) Instagram Profile Photomayatalisa

Maya Talisa

Maya Talisa (@mayatalisa) Instagram Photo

Road trip up north. Can't wait for this view and to slow things down for a couple days. I've been in LA for ten years (crazy how time flies), but I'll always be a Nor Cal girl at heart | #inspovia @jschwab_24..#holiday#roadtrip#california#santacruz#beach#sunset#instagood#repost#photography#art

COACH TIAN (@coachtian) Instagram Profile Photocoachtian


COACH TIAN (@coachtian) Instagram Photo

Apakah Anda ingin sekali *menjadi pembicara yang dinamis?* Apakah Anda pernah membayangkan *berbicara di depan ratusan bahkan ribuan org?* Apakah Anda saat ini seaeorang yang ingin meningkatkan kepercayaan diri saat tampil?Jika IYA*, semua hal ini dapat Anda ketahui rahasia nyaMenjadi seorang pembicara adalah hal yang sangat mudah jika Anda benar benar mengetahui cara nyaCoach Tian melalui program *PRIVATE COACHING PUBLIC SPEAKING* ini dapat membantu Anda untuk Anda mengetahui teknik tekniknya*SIAPA COACH TIAN*- Founder Big Leadership- Sering berbicara di depan ratusan bahkan ribuan orang- Sering satu panggung dengan pembicara / motivator di Indonesia- Sering di undang menjadi pembicara di radio dengan tema pengembangan diri *APA YANG SDH DI BUAT*-Coaching public speaking salah satu wakil kepala daerah kalimantan (confidential)-Coaching public speaking direktur pajak perusahaan swasta (confidential)-Coaching public speaking anak dari Presiden Direktur salah satu bank ternama Indonesia (confidential)-Coaching Fabien dan berhasil menjadi juara debat tahap Indonesia dan Global Round dan Fabien berhasil menjadi top 3 Debater terbaik-Coaching public speaking Alison untuk interview Beasiswa di Hongkong University (berhasil di dapatkan)-dll *APA YANG DI PELAJARI*-3 Teknik penguasaan panggung-5 teknik body language yang powerfull-6 teknik audience attention tools-teknik menggunakan flip chart-Teknik mendapatkan perhatian saat opening- Teknik menjawab pertanyaan- 3 Jenis style pembicaraSemua teknik ini akan Anda pelajari saat Private Coaching bersama Coach TianDan juga *PRIVATE COACHING PUBLIC SPEAKING* ini waktunya flexible,, Anda dapat mengatur waktu dan tempat nya *SAYA MW MENDAFTAR*Bs kirimkan WA/SMS ke : 0819 1011 1819Dg format : PC_Nama_HP_emailContoh :PC_Luna_081910111819_Luna@gmail.comAyo segera daftarkan diri Anda maupun Anak Anda !Terima kasihSincerelyLunaAdmin BIG Leadership0819 1011 1819#coachtian#coach#inspirationisme#indonesia#bigleadership#leadership#leader#training#trainer#seminar#inhousetraining#privatecoaching#coaching#speaker#investasi#marketing#publicspeaker#owner#ceo

PRO-FORM Physiotherapy (@proformphysio) Instagram Profile Photoproformphysio

PRO-FORM Physiotherapy

PRO-FORM Physiotherapy (@proformphysio) Instagram Photo

We seem to be getting a lot of Fighters coming through the clinic and one we have a lot of respect for is this guy right here! Chris is an amazing coach and you can catch him teaching MMA at Full Force gym Blacktown or rolling around on the floor at Gracie Barra Blacktown! This guy taught me everything as a BJJ student and is one of the most humble leaders I know. Legend

Victoria de la Guardia (@victoriadelag) Instagram Profile Photovictoriadelag

Victoria de la Guardia

Victoria de la Guardia (@victoriadelag) Instagram Photo

So this #transformationtuesdayis sorta hard for me to post. Even though I no longer look like that girl on the left I find myself feeling like her from time to time. I came from a place of really hating myself and my body but putting these pictures side by side is always a huge reality check and a reminder of how far I’ve come. And I’ll admit, this journey started as a superficial one, just desperately wanting to change what I saw in the mirror. But through all my success (and failure!) I have found so much more! Health and fitness have empowered and strengthened me in more ways than I could have ever have imagined and it can do the same for YOU!! So if you’ve ever felt the desire to change but didn’t know how to start, message me! Reach out to me! You CAN reach your goals and I WILL be here to help you! #jointhejourney#makingfitnessfityou#yourvictoryfitness#changeispossible

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