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Floating Floors (@floatingfloors) Instagram Profile Photofloatingfloors

Floating Floors

Next Saturday! Catch us rocking the Cameron House with @rollercoasterjupiterofficial , music starts at 9!

Rod Rodrigues (@guitarrodrigues) Instagram Profile Photoguitarrodrigues

Rod Rodrigues

Rod Rodrigues (@guitarrodrigues) Instagram Photo

Em7 arpeggio + GMaj7 arpeggio #100daysofpracticeDay 005

LEXXICON (@officialexxicon) Instagram Photo

Honesly I just love watching @everydaystruggleshowloving seeing the commentary on hip hop and urban culture. Does anyone else watch the show?@sandbox.portraits

Dickson Benjamin (@drbrometheus) Instagram Profile Photodrbrometheus

Dickson Benjamin

Dickson Benjamin (@drbrometheus) Instagram Photo

When you're just enjoying a meal and realize it's almost December, which means your new record is almost out. "In Error" comes out December 19th - follow @theframedefect

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