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Jonathan Powell. Oxford, 1977.At the time he was1654987956422675834

Jonathan Powell. Oxford, 1977.At the time he was the editor of “Isis”, the university magazine (not the Islamist group, though, as will become apparent, he may bear some responsibility for that organisation’s formation). Jonathan went on, alarmingly but effortlessly, to become Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff and, together with Alistair Campbell, was the heart of Blair’s kitchen cabinet, with all that that entailed - including going to war with Iraq on false pretences in 2003. To his credit, he was instrumental in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement that brought to an end the “troubles” in Northern Ireland..#paulyule#oxford#photojournalism#lensculture#streetphotography#bw#bnw#bnw_demand#35mm#35mmfilm#1970s#portrait#simply_noir_blanc#documentary#documentaryphotography#photojournalism#bnw_society#jonathanpowell#tonyblair#oxford#isis

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Tony Blair Institute

Tony Blair: “Technology is changing the way we liv 1654576570990773320

Tony Blair: “Technology is changing the way we live, we work, we think. But a revolution in technology has not yet been matched by a revolution in public policy making.”Follow the link to read our paper on technology and get involved in the debate via #tbitech

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Manù Cacciaguerra

A general election is the #parliamentary equivalen 1647257828606283606

A general election is the #parliamentaryequivalent of gladiators. During this cracking spectator sport, the whole country becomes a #colosseum . Former #primeministerand Leader of the #conservativeparty , #davidcameroncould be looked upon as a gladiator of the finest calibre. Before he decided he was done with skirmishing and moved on to #elysium , the blood of his #politicalopponents was shed by the bucket load. On May 8th, 2015, Cameron's sword dispatched and decimated some of his biggest rivals, #edmiliband , #nickclegg , #nigelfarageand #edballs .-From the moment he was elected as the leader of the #conservativeparty , #davidcameronrepeatedly put in strong performances and raised his game well at the despatch box. He proved himself to be a leader who could box clever and wouldn't allow himself to be pushed into a pigeon hole. His #pmqsbattles with #tonyblair , then later #gordonbrownwas the political highlight of the week. Cameron believed #britainneeded #dynamism , #optimism , #openmindedness , #discipline , #consistencyand a sense of purpose. He believed it was time the leaders of the country and the people at home admitted that there was more to life than money, and it was time we focused on the beauty of our surroundings, the quality of our culture and above all the strength of our relationships.-I believe in the future, the Premiership of #davidcameronwill be looked upon more favourably. He will be given the credit deserved for legalising same sex marriage, introducing the #nationallivingwage , the delivery of the 2012 #olympicsand victories in the #scottishindependence #referendumand the #alternativevote#referendum .

In my #DavidCameron philosophy, I stated that a ge 1653105278956878810

In my #davidcameronphilosophy, I stated that a general election is the parliamentary equivalent of gladiators and that Cameron could be looked upon as a gladiator of the finest calibre. Somebody else now living in #elysiumis #tonyblair . Blair's sword dispatched and decimated some of biggest names in British politics, #johnmajor , #williamhagueand #michealhoward . At times during his ten year reign, Blair was masterful. It pains some people to admit it, but it's the truth.-If #blairwas a gladiator of the finest calibre, his replacement, #gordonbrownwas more like a gladiator from the 1990s ITV show. He was an embarrassment. His reign ended in blunders and tears. Then we had #edmiliband , a man who failed to ever raise his game and only a handful of times put in a strong performance. But a loss was inevitable. Now we have #jeremycorbyn , who is probably the worst man for the job. Despite the continued opposition from within his own party, he's refuses to step down. He claims to have given #laboursupporters something to cheer about, but he will never bring the whole party together, while he is the leader, the party will continue to be divided and so will its supporters. I understand that in politics it is rarely about choosing between the very best answer and the very worst one. It's usually about trying to do the least bad thing given all the circumstances, most of which are completely beyond your control. But the thought of Corbyn as PM is truly depressing. We cannot alter the past, but we can change the trend for the future and the future for #labouris to move back to the centre.-At this point in his life, I don't think #blaircares if he has damaged his party, what really concerns him is how will he be seen by future generations. There's no doubt his place in the history books is secure, unfortunately, right now it's hard to say which side will be told. Will he be seen as one of the great #britishprime ministers or will he be seen as a warmonger. A man partly responsible for millions of deaths, who left the #labourparty in ruins and proceeded to make millions of pounds by aligning himself with dictators.

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Tony Blair Institute


"During my time in Togo, I was delighted to visit the Kara region to experience its traditions, and see a different side to Togo. Here's some of the photos I took during the trip. The blacksmiths shown are heating iron to shape it into tools and musical instruments, a fascinating process to watch. Dancing is another Togolese tradition. The team and I were fortunate to see a brilliant performance after hearing from some of the young people and women benefitting from Togo’s national civic engagement and financial inclusion projects” – Tony Blair...#tbi#togo#africa#westafrica#tonyblair#blacksmith#tools#instruments#music#finance#governance#women#empowerment#finance#tradition#dance#dancing#culture#travel

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Trafalgar Square Street Art 1653373385102584619

Trafalgar Square Street Art

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