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年尾好多聚會要去所以最近都比心機打扮化妝方面會先調色再遮瑕最後再全面上底妝 (甘煩 男仕們一定R哂頭 1667342424992590624

年尾好多聚會要去所以最近都比心機打扮化妝方面會先調色再遮瑕最後再全面上底妝 (甘煩 男仕們一定R哂頭)男仔頭性格既我都好怕煩,不過!最近發現左呢個新寶貝一盒風車紋CYBER COLORS CC Cushion已經幫我搞掂哂分開用三隻色可以幫皮膚局部調色三隻色一齊用,就可以即刻全面均勻膚色超方便!而且配方仲好保濕遮瑕度都相當唔錯用呢條link買啦⏬Discount Link:莎莎香港#sasahk_official#sasahk

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Samantha Jane Mather

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Operation Transformation

WE ARE LIVEThis is a huge coincidence, but 5 y 1667338241718957349

WE ARE LIVE•This is a huge coincidence, but 5 years ago today, we opened our own Gym. It turned out to be the success that we had hoped for, and we loved working with all our members over the years to help them achieve their goals. We are huge believers in life being full of opportunity, and it’s just too short to stand still for too long.Earlier this year, the time came for us to step away from Breeze’s Gym to pursue new opportunities, such as this. Every stage in life is like a stepping stone to another... So, 5 years on, we are extremely excited to be able to share our online training and nutrition program with you: Breezes’ Operation Transformation•For more information about our online programs, check out new our home (link now in my bio ️)•If you would like to get in touch, you can email us via , or you can schedule a call with us:•Check out the full version of our motivational introduction video on our Facebook Page, and please help us to spread the word about our program by liking and tagging your friends and familyIt’s been a while in the making, but we are now READY! Yayyyyyy!! Can’t wait to get stared now, and help more of you achieve your goals#operationtransformation#operationtransformationonline#breezetraining

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Strongis the new skinny ️ 1667324836001485597

Strongis the new skinny ️

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Eat. Lift. Lose.

Episode #9 is live! .We chat about if you can 1667324920777794823

Episode #9is live! .•••We chat about if you can boost your metabolism from building muscle & question where should you get your nutrition advice from? .•••Catch us on iTunes & Soundcloud! •••‍️If you're looking for bootcamp sessions to get fit, accountability to keep you on track and nutrition guidance so you can enjoy the food you love and lose weight, give our FREE 7 day pass a go. The link is in our bio - @eatliftlose•••#fitnessjourney#fitfam#training#workout#podcast

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Kem dưỡng ẩm sáng da DÀNH CHO MẶT Goodal Premium Snail Tone Up Cream Giá: #80k /10ml Snail Tone Up Cream với là kem dưỡng giúp bổ sung độ ẩm và cải thiện độ sáng của làn da.Ưu điểm nổi bật: - Thành phần chính là chiết xuất đậm đặc từ tinh chất ốc sên và nhân sâm trắng quý hiếm.- Kết cấu kem mỏng nhẹ, dễ dàng thẩm thấu sâu giúp da sáng dần từ bên trong.​- Thúc đẩy quá trình phục hồi của da sau những hư tổn, đồng thời thanh tẩy, loại bỏ các tế bào chết, giảm sẹo, vết thâm, vết nám, tàn nhang.- Phục hồi da bị lão hóa, tạo sự đàn hồi cho da.#toneup#cream#skincare#baochaunaturalbeauty

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🤚 Monday let’s go #regram @victoriaericksonwriter 1667290171538021926

🤚 Monday let’s go #regram@victoriaericksonwriter

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Victor Hernandez

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else 1667285687626635142

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will....On my Herbalife Nutrition Program I lost -23lbs 5% body fat in 1 month and I didn’t even workout..**People who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week. **

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🥞🌈 S P O O NC H A N 🦋✨

Cushion 型既底妝產品️️️無論係趕時間既日子‍️或者係去見重要的人都啱用‍️️,皆因佢夠薄又 1667268780906319556

Cushion 型既底妝產品️️️無論係趕時間既日子‍️或者係去見重要的人都啱用‍️️,皆因佢夠薄又均勻到膚色,望落夠自然減少距離感!首次接觸3色CC cushion,比起傳統既更新穎,因為除左遮瑕仲可以調色,令面色更精神飽滿!例如紫色可以提亮,唔使擔心面黃黃既自己! Go register:莎莎香港#sasahk_official#sasahk