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Idea Envy (@ideaenvy) Instagram Profile Photoideaenvy

Idea Envy

Idea Envy (@ideaenvy) Instagram Photo

Virtual reality is an exciting new medium that can draw and amaze potential customers. Immersive experiences can create indelible memories that help people connect with your brand. That engagement can also be measured toward optimizing content. However, despite these qualities, VR is not a good way to convert leads. Be sure to use VR in concert with other tactics to follow through after your guests engage.#vr#ar#virtualreality#trending#tipofthedayVisit:

Kristina Smallhorn (@yourrealestatewhisperer) Instagram Profile Photoyourrealestatewhisperer

Kristina Smallhorn

Kristina Smallhorn (@yourrealestatewhisperer) Instagram Photo

I have a helper for the Great Poinsettia Drop Off Of 2017!

Southern Charm Home Decorating (@southerncharmhomedecorating) Instagram Profile Photosoutherncharmhomedecorating

Southern Charm Home Decorating

Southern Charm Home Decorating (@southerncharmhomedecorating) Instagram Photo

Southern Charm’s Recipe of the Day.TURKEY CRANBERRY PASTA SALAD....... Ahhhh!! All of our favorites to create a yummy and unique Pasta Salad.Deelish!!!! INGREDIENTS:12 oz bow-tie pasta (or other short pasta)2 cups diced cooked turkey1/2 cup celery , chopped2/3 cup dried cranberries1/3 cup sliced almonds , toasted1/4 cup green onions , sliced2/3 cup poppy seed dressing (store bought or homemade)1/3 cup mayonnaise2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar1 teaspoon sugar (optional)DIRECTIONS:Place almonds in a small non-stick pan and cook over medium heat until lightly browned.Cook pasta al dente according to package directions.Combine poppy seed dressing, mayonnaise and cider vinegar (and sugar if using) in a small bowl and mix well.Toss all ingredients in a larger bowl and chill at least 1 hour before serving.If you enjoy these daily tips please like and share.Thanks and remember......Make it Pretty!!!! Sending You Southern Sunshine,Laura & Michelle#southerncharmhomedecorating#decorate#decoratingtips#mychicsouthernhippie#southerncharmhomemarket#tipoftheday#wecanhelpyou#exteriorhomeimprovments#clothingline#southernchic#anothergreatidea#makeitpretty#homedecorating#interiordesign#interiordecorating#homeartist#homestaging#decoratingprincessesRecipe compliments of Spend with Pennies!!!

Cristina Hluscu (@makeupbycristinahluscu) Instagram Profile Photomakeupbycristinahluscu

Cristina Hluscu

Cristina Hluscu (@makeupbycristinahluscu) Instagram Photo

give your brushes a treat with this solid brush soap

Wake Up Tours Madrid (@madwakeup) Instagram Profile Photomadwakeup

Wake Up Tours Madrid

Shea Ki ( Instagram Profile

Shea Ki

Shea Ki ( Instagram Photo

To attract more work that lights you up, it helps to keep several people in mind that you have seen express joy in their work. Give yourself two minutes right now to picture them and what their happiness at work must feel like. Try doing this without jealousy or too much attachment. Simply honor them for where they are at. Send them some good vibes of appreciation for the work they put into the world.Perhaps it is a current or former co-worker who always made your Monday a bit better. Or it could be the delivery guy who always shares a smile (and perhaps a ). Maybe you have never met this person—but you respect that they have put themselves out there in an authentic way doing what they enjoy.Maybe it is someone you can tag or share a compliment to in the comments below. Who is your work hero?

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