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MoneyMattersWithNimi - @mmwithnimi Instagram Profile Photommwithnimi


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A simply lovely afternoon out in Lagos today!The Simply Nigerian Fair was brilliant. It was exciting to see so many goods of outstanding quality and all made in Nigeria. From make up and skin care beauty products, slippers, clothes, African prints, lamps, cards, jewellery and so much more; perfect for Christmas gift shopping and at bargain prices!___There was also a wide range of farm fresh produce including cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, paw paw, spinach, dill, coriander etc all beautifully grown and of perfect quality.___I was hijacked by a great garden furniture stand, VO3, in my search for some new garden furniture for Nimi’s Garden for my Christmas entertaining and beyond. Of course I couldn’t resist visiting the Garden Centre at the venue, and picked up some lovely cacti from the @araliabynaturestand.__I feel absolutely ready for a very busy week ahead. Hope you do too!___#fameatlast ! #mmwn#simplynigerianfair#snf#proudlynigerian#gardencentre#thisislagos#thingstodoinlagos

Osifedinma - @osifedinma Instagram Profile Photoosifedinma


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So we were @lamangolagos3and it's definitely a #beautifulplace to be... If you just wanna relax in a cool and refreshing environment, grab a tasty meal or have a swim. Then this is a good place to do all that...#places#beautifulplaces#placesinlagos#thisislagos#osifedinma#everythingisgood

Comingtolagos - @comingtolagos Instagram Profile Photocomingtolagos


Comingtolagos - @comingtolagos Instagram Photo
ReportShareDownload03 )・・・Lagos State remains the economic hub of Nigeria twenty five years after it was replaced as the country's official capital. The state's potential to generate revenue has now been boosted even further by confirmation of oil production. Targeted investment is expected to follow the state's oil production activities and under the terms of Nigeria's resource control, as an oil producing state, Lagos will become entitled to a 13% cut of revenues generated by Nigeria's government through it's oil and potentially earning millions of dollars. With GDP in 2014 pegged at $90billion, Lagos' economy stands as the 5th Largest in Africa - bigger than Côte d'Ivoire and Kenya, two of the continent's most promising economies.#lagos#thisislagos#welcomeinlagos#africainview#100talks#lsbs2017

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