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Darren Butler Jr (@iam_.deebuttz) Instagram Profile Photoiam_.deebuttz

Darren Butler Jr


This is a post of my Glo Boy lemme tell you my g I was ugly back in 2013 when I first started my Glo this is a spark but I’m slowly gonna be glowing and turning into a super savage ️ watch how wonderful it looks I got the juice off of working hard and making sure that I have everything I need to work on me cause the same females who told me I was ugly and not worth it are the same ones on me right now talking about “lemme get back with you boo”. #startedfromdabottom#entering2018like#moretocome#followmyig#jackpot#makingmillions#gettingalltheladies#end2017#thestruggleisreal#younging#like#comment#subscribe

Melissa Bella Sunshine❤️🖤💟☮️ (@melissabellasunshine) Instagram Profile Photomelissabellasunshine

Melissa Bella Sunshine❤️🖤💟☮️

I’ll never be as Cool as her@kaelaconsuela 1672231102636607978

I’ll never be as Cool as her@kaelaconsuela