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This Christmas, watch the best of cinema made by t 1669586364418850675

This Christmas, watch the best of cinema made by the masters of the art. Experience excellence with the magic of #thestorytellersonly on #wb

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The Storytellers

Last Sunday Aunt Kenna pulled me aside and whisper 1669576588276482848

Last Sunday Aunt Kenna pulled me aside and whispered ,”So, littlegirl, tell me what you’d like to be when you grow up.” I asked ifI could be a mountain but she smiled patronisingly and shook her wavy brown hair, saying, “little girls can’t be hills”. Well then I’d really like to be a helicopter. Turns out babies couldn’t grow up into aircrafts either and what she really meant was if I wanted one of those job things. .Her questionwasn’t about what I wanted to be, but who I’d like to be.(yeah, always have been a grammar Nazi, always will be). I decided then that this was not a game I liked to play.A couple of years later, as I watch the neighbourhood jock offer to carry old Mrs Dsouza's groceries in to the flat, I realise what I want to be. I wish to be someone I’d like to meet. The stranger in the park who smiles hello. The lad of 15 who offers you his seat on the bus because you look like you’ve had a rough day. A passer-by who walks you to the bus stop because you’re hopelessly clueless about directions, even with a map. The old neighbour who brings you cookies.(Mummy says I can’t be a boy, but maybe I could try ? I hear it's possible these days.)Maybe even be aunt Kenna with her boxful of cookies and pretty little ribbons for the girls. But t I'll make sure that I'll listen with my heart and not just my ears when I ask someone a question. And when a kid tells me that they wanna be a bird, I’ll tell them that if they really set their heart to it, nothing can stop them fromflying.And while they may never really look like the Alps, they shall stand resolute, unshakeable if they only remember to keep faith with their beliefs.All I really wanna be, is someone I’d like to meet. Someone who smiles at you from across the bookstore, someone who grabs you a beer when they get one for you. More importantly, I strive tobe the person your mother raises you to be but the world forces you to lose weight. Let’s spark a revolution of a different kind. A revolution built over a cup of coffee and a stranger’s smile.Promise me you’ll try to be someone you’d like to meet? -Jahnavi, The Storytellers.@the_vagabonds_muse#thestorytellers#thestorytellers95#writers

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Releasing Video Tomorrow 7pm(15.12.2017)!!!Tanka1669555498367855390

Releasing Video Tomorrow 7pm(15.12.2017)!!!Tanka Ram Poudel - His one incident, one story!To listen to his story do SUBSCRIBE our YouTube channel :

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LOGO & BUSINESS CARD DESIGN#Digitalcraftman#THEST 1669538286539639320
We miss Xmas in #Stockholm#tbthursdayHappy Holi 1669489302428746977

We miss Xmas in #stockholm#tbthursdayHappy Holidays everyone#luminismstudio#thestorytellers

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The Lingerie Stories

Having a positive mindset and saying I CAN will he 1669187816963514445

Having a positive mindset and saying I CAN will help you reach your goals! Whether it's health and fitness, creativity, or career oriented, believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything!Much love,Gillian

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The Storytellers

It was 3:15 am, and just suddenly the darkness of1668905605987044217

It was 3:15 am, and just suddenly the darkness of the night seemed more vicious than the monsters of my memory as if prying the soul out of me, and I just suddenly felt lonely. All the faces around me seemed like mere voices .I felt lonely enough to talk to you again. That kind of lonely. And the two hours phone call knows it all then._My voice choked when I heard your deep settled tone from the other side after six months. I didn’t say anything for the next few minutes and so didn’t you. A long pause was as if trying to gauge the distance that has grown between us. I tried to tell you so many things – things that are haunting me, things I don’t want to rewind and how you….but I did not. Because that silence belonged to Us only for once, and I didn’t want to lose it._Hope you would have understood that Silence.And then I replied back._Memories can be beautiful but it hurts when they keep playing in your mind even though you want to shut it down. I could sense the change in your tone of the decaying care. But we held on and just started talking. As if the shadows of my lonely nights faded into the lilac sky of your eyes. Maybe the reason and the cure for my loneliness , both You. And it made me think._Has anything at all changed between us or will it ever? Would you still stay on the line for hours if I ask you to? Do we both lie when we lecture about moving on?_I did notwant to lose that moment in this spiral of questions.Two hours. Two voices. And a broken story breathe. I felt that desperation to hang on to that call. That unsaid confessions toprove to ourselves that we are okay without each other. We have lost ourselves in this game days back but maybe sometimes, only sometimes I feel like going back.Do you?_And the call disconnected. But I just felt nothing as if my body knows this kind of pain. Of this incompleteness. And it has grown immune to it.Hope I would have understood that moments gone, are gone forever!_Ruchira, The Storytellers.@slaying_since97#thestorytellers#thestorytellers95#writersofinstagram#wordgasm#wordporn#wordsmith#writerscoloumn#writersnetwork#writogram