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Skye 'Daisy' Johnson (@agent.quaake) Instagram Profile Photoagent.quaake

Skye 'Daisy' Johnson

Skye 'Daisy' Johnson (@agent.quaake) Instagram Photo

Every day I have the chance to remind myself that I have the most amazing fiancé in the world. Baby you picked me up from a dark place and shined a light. You picked up all the broken pieces of my heart and took your time putting it back together. My heart is in your hands and I trust you completely with it. I love you so much. ~ Love always, future miss Campbell @spcrkplug

H i j ad el aL u n a (@ic_rosalyn) Instagram Profile Photoic_rosalyn

H i j ad el aL u n a

H i j ad el aL u n a (@ic_rosalyn) Instagram Photo


British / 18 (@ebony_plebeny) Instagram Profile Photoebony_plebeny

British / 18

British / 18 (@ebony_plebeny) Instagram Photo

we don't do thanksgiving in england but there's things im grateful for here. im thankful my step dad made it through his heart attack after everyone said he wouldn't make it. im grateful for being able to walk again after 2 months of feeling like i wouldn't again. im thankful for the people who broke my heart and used me; y'all made me stronger. im thankful i can say im still here, living & not just surviving anymore. im thankful for friends here & in britain who chose to love the person i am and stuck through hard times w/ me. & finally, i am so overwhelmingly thankful for my boyfriend. you are the light of my life & you saved me. i will forever love you my angel. thank you for being mine. #theprettyreckless#twentyonepilots#youtube#photography#anime#supernatural#danisnotonfire#davidbowie#geordieshore#halestorm#horror#hottopic#bringmethehorizon#blackveilbrides#melaniemartinez#marinaandthediamonds#nightcore#ddlg#bdsm#tumblr#grunge#pvris

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