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H O M E C O M I N G 💫 (@marvelshoco) Instagram Profile Photomarvelshoco

H O M E C O M I N G 💫

THE-ACEY™ (@the_acey) Instagram Profile Photothe_acey


So good to see an icon of ours @emmawatson wearing 1663963276482735918

So good to see an icon of ours @emmawatsonwearing the wave ring & luna earrings, mindfully made from recycled silver ️ via the link in bio.We love how Emma is instrumental in raising the profile of a more ethical fashion

La tela de corcho también se suele denominar cuero 1654361895362235405
SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERZ (@sustainablefashionmatterz) Instagram Profile Photosustainablefashionmatterz


So remember how we started this campaign after the 1644092550520025856

So remember how we started this campaign after the elections? Well same statement goes everyday..If you don't know where to start, giving away smiles is always a step in the right direction ️.If you want to be part of the Sustainable Fashion Matterz movement like @retheenk, head over to the campaigning page and for free access to our campaigning material ️..© @jpth...#sustainablefashionmatterz#weneverstopvoting#everypersonmakesadifference#sustainablefashion#politics#textilbündnis#govote#fashionblogger_de#voteeveryday#letschangethatfashiongame#fashionchangers#fashionrevolution#globalgoals#conciousconsumer#votewithyourmoney#fashionvote#changemakers#greencarpetchallenge#thepresstour#smilebehappy#sustainablefashion#fairfashion#activecitizen#activecitizens#happypeople#mitbestimmen#happygirl#votevotevote#fashionblogger#fashionvote

Gabriele Soatto 🍁 (@gabrysoatto) Instagram Profile Photogabrysoatto

Gabriele Soatto 🍁

History of my idols - episode 1: @emmawatsonIn t 1641596729277158743

History of my idols - episode 1: @emmawatsonIn this life period I must admit I'm losing her news, but I've always felt an enormous admiration for her figure.I start to follow Emma's adventures when I was in middle school.She wasn't just beautiful, she was open-minded. Not just intelligent, she seemed to me to have the broadest mind.Like a sort of yes-man, she was open to experience life by always maintaining that aura of cleverness and etiquette: filming, shooting, fair trade, university, UN ambassador.She taught me to never rest on my laurels and always try and learn something new.Photo from @the_press_tour