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Strawberry Shortstack

How many grapes can a hamster fit in its mouth? Tw 1667191396794493105

How many grapes can a hamster fit in its mouth? Two? #convo#texting#puns#pun#vine#vines#clapback

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text series💛

//it’s us: part 57//I take the spot next to him.1667150204939246303

//it’s us: part 57//I take the spot next to him. “Fine,” I say. “What have I missed in the wonderful Liam Payne’s life?”Liam looks down at his hands. “Cheryl broke up with me.”I roll my eyes. “Poor you. You and I both know she was nothing but a distraction.”Liam leans forward. “I cared for Cheryl. I just cared for you more.”I laugh and stand up. “Liam, I don’t understand what you want me to say.”He stands up and walks closer to me. “Just say what you’ve been burying since our break up.” He says. I give him a questioning look. “That you still care for me, that you still have feelings for me.” I try to hold back my laughter, but I can’t help it. I let out a loud laugh. “You’re ridiculous.” I tell him, still laughing. “I haven’t felt a single thing for you since you left. What is there to feel for?” Now that last sentence was cruel. I cover my mouth and immediately begin to apologize. “Liam, I’m sorry.”He sits back down and stares at the floor. “No, you’re right. You hate me. It’s understandable after everything. But at the same time, it makes no sense; especially after everything. I loved you and you loved me. I would have done anything to take away your pain. But I couldn’t fix you when I was breaking.”I sit down next to him. “Can I ask you something? I know if I don’t ask, this will forever haunt me.”Liam nods. “Go for it.”I take a deep breath. “Why did you leave?”He looks at me and then back at the floor. “You told me to.”“That was the second time. I’m meaning the first. You left me a note saying you were leaving, don’t you think I deserve a real explanation?” I ask.Liam continues to stare at nothing. “You don’t know how hard it was to actually leave you.” His voice cracks. “And you don’t know how hard it was for me when you left.” I tell him.He shakes his head. “I can’t tell you, Nat. You’ll really hate me.”I put my hand on his arm and he looks at me. “Remember that girl you told me about six months ago? She’s ready to listen and she deserves the truth.” I nod my head.Liam goes back to staring at nothing. “So it all started when I listened to you and went to your therapist that you had been seeing...”*more in the comments*