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Milk Tooth: Kids' Decor & Toys - @milktoothau Instagram Profile Photomilktoothau

Milk Tooth: Kids' Decor & Toys

Milk Tooth: Kids' Decor & Toys - @milktoothau Instagram Photo

I received an update on our Wobbel Boards today! With any luck we'll have them by the end of the week, early next week at the latest. And then we'll ship your pre-orders to you, pronto! I have just three Mouse Grey and three Sky Blue wool felt left, and that'll be it before Christmas. They're a lovely present and they look beautiful in your home too (trust me, we have one living in our lounge room right now!).In other updates, @telstra , I still don't have any internet. I was finally able to speak to my Complaint Manager today, six days after lodging a formal complaint and several phone calls later. During a 40 minute phone call while my children went all Lord of the Flies (again), he was able to tell me nothing really. He does however promise to give me a timeframe for a timeframe (yes, you read that correctly) for our NBN to be connected next time he talks to me. He was also pretty good on the sarcasm front. It's been almost two weeks now with no internet, @telstra , please do you think you could do something about it? Something that doesn't require me spending another seven hours on the phone to you, perhaps?

Christian. S - @christianstell_ Instagram Profile Photochristianstell_

Christian. S

Oad - @oadarchitecture Instagram Photo

Breathe deeply and then scream at the top of your lungs at the 10th telstra technician youve spoken to in a week!!!!! Are you serious @telstra? Beyond ridiculous.... 2 weeks and counting, no phone, no internet, then got phone but no internet, you tell us its a mess and your fault and then make it worse.... got my last email today 5 minutes before your most recent technician arrived but just told on the phone that it is a ‘magical coincidence ’ (those words) that our previously intermittent connection is now completely gone and its now our problem. Still paying @exetelwho couldnt care less and @telstraand they both blame each other. Am i in the twilight zone?????? Hoping the ombudsman can help #losingit#help#telstra#exetel

Steven Zoricic - @stevenzoricic Instagram Profile Photostevenzoricic

Steven Zoricic

Go media

Been a bit busy and in a rush lately but the taxi project is still going strong. Here is a few more. #uqabroad#kip#sonyxperiaxz#uqjacs#uniofqld#telstra#jbhifi#uqhuss#uqcareers

datz ceniza - @datzceniza_18 Instagram Profile Photodatzceniza_18

datz ceniza

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What a "labley" breakfast.. Thanks big T#seattle 'sBest #telstra#breakfast

Suresearch specializing in - @suresearch Instagram Profile Photosuresearch

Suresearch specializing in

Suresearch specializing in - @suresearch Instagram Photo

Walking and working in the old brick Telstra tunnels of Sydney.Built between 1892-1901 and it’s total length is 17.4km throughout the places you end up with Suresearch #undergroundtunnels#sydney#telstra#suresearch#onsite#location#utilitylocating#locaterslife

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