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paula // texas swiftie 🖤 - @probablyswift Instagram Accountprobablyswift

paula // texas swiftie 🖤

paula // texas swiftie 🖤 - @probablyswift Instagram Photo

.TAKE. ME. BACK. !!!!!!

November 10th - @oursongisenchanted Instagram Accountoursongisenchanted

November 10th

November 10th - @oursongisenchanted Instagram Photo

Can Taylor hold me like this honestly I’d let her punch me in the face for a photo idc I don’t think she’d do that though

Ashleigh Jane🐱 - @crazyswiftiecat89 Instagram Accountcrazyswiftiecat89

Ashleigh Jane🐱

Ashleigh Jane🐱 - @crazyswiftiecat89 Instagram Photo

James learning New Year’s Day on piano by @taylorswift#taylorswift#taylorlurking#taytay#music#love

Kayla 11/2/143/4/15 - @kaykaylovesswift Instagram Accountkaykaylovesswift

Kayla 11/2/143/4/15

Go media

I know I said I was gonna delete this account but like when @taylorswiftBe #taylorlurkingagain I might as well post these 🤷‍️.

klaudia ♡ - @theteamtaylor Instagram Accounttheteamtaylor

klaudia ♡

klaudia ♡ - @theteamtaylor Instagram Photo

My magazine hasn't come yet SKSKSKSKS

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