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Rich Bates (@thinksouthpaw) Instagram Profile Photothinksouthpaw

Rich Bates

From the start, my relationship with @selfloveclub 1667752218189055634

From the start, my relationship with @selfloveclubbhas been built on our ability to help each other with mental health issues. When battling an illness, it’s easy for people to treat you as just “someone that is ill” and it is easy to lose who you are when that happens. It applies to any illness that has the potential to take over a person’s life. Right now, I’m just trying to treat Milly as the person I know she is, in an effort to help her hold on to that part of herself.~~Sometimes that means getting away and looking at the shitty art in @nandosukin York. Sometimes it means just forgetting entirely about the illness and just being a couple and doing normal couple things. Sometimes it means that instead of foot rubs to help with her pain or swelling; I just give her foot rubs because I care about her. Not everything has to be about the illness, nor should it be. ~~No one likes to be labelled; no one likes to be treated as something they are dealing with before being treated as the person they are. So when I look at her, before I see the illness I see my girlfriend. I see someone worthy of love and devotion before I see someone in need of assistance. It’s important to hold on to that.~~Whether the person you care about is dealing with cancer, depression, anxiety, or anything else that seems to be consuming their life; it is so important to ensure that you always see them for who they are. ~~As a carer, helping people maintain their independence and individuality was the biggest thing I could offer them. As Milly’s boyfriend, I am trying to offer the same thing. Milly is fighting cancer right now. But before that, she is a mother and she is a friend. She is a warrior, a survivor, and one of the greatest people I have ever met.~~I will continue to show her that in every way I can.

Ride for Jase (@rideforjase) Instagram Profile Photorideforjase

Ride for Jase

There is nothing like a bit of roadside encouragem 1667752838987820456

There is nothing like a bit of roadside encouragement and support.  Rhonda, who has had a similar life experience losing a loved one to suicide, drove 150km so that she could meet Ben and wish him well. Ronda and Ben bonded quickly over their shared experiences, something that has changed their lives forever. Meeting other people who have been affected by suicide reinforces why open conversation is more important than ever if things are going to change. Knowing that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of is important for everyone, not just the person that may be going through a difficult time#itaintweaktospeak#ruok#rideforjase

My sister is pretty with a purpose on this beautif 1667752836655511869

My sister is pretty with a purpose on this beautiful Monday. Long sleeve T-shirt’s available on my website now. Head over to to get yours!#romans828#liveonpurpose#prettywithapurpose#hodgkinslymphomaawareness#support#cancercantwin

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The Guidance Center

#TGCDaysofGiving - Day 5 - Planning to do your hol 1667751791662307301

#tgcdaysofgiving- Day 5 - Planning to do your holiday food shopping soon? Your groceries can provide #hopeand help to The Guidance Center's families, too! Simply visit @ralphsgrocery 's website to connect your Ralphs Rewards Card to The Guidance Center and Ralphs will donate a percentage of your purchases to us through its Community Contributions program!