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Peter Jackson the Jeweller - @pjthejeweller Instagram Accountpjthejeweller

Peter Jackson the Jeweller

Peter Jackson the Jeweller - @pjthejeweller Instagram Photo

We are like snowflakes - all different in our own beautiful wayShop the Thomas Sabo range at

Cori - @lapidify_design Instagram Photo

Gotta love when a client brings me such beautiful stones to play with- it's like the work gets done for me. :) Finished #rainbowmoonstoneand faceted #amethystpendant. The setting is made from hand woven and forged #sterlingsilver , and includes an articulated bail. In total, about 10 hours of work. #handmadeby #lapidify .

Charlotte Louise - @justaringthing Instagram Accountjustaringthing

Charlotte Louise

Charlotte Louise - @justaringthing Instagram Photo

Dendrite beauties! Top ring finger oval and the set teardrop are unavailable however all of the other stones are free for custom work and have such beautiful depth to them#dendriticopal#dendrites#dendriteopal#dendriticagate#snowscape#blackandwhite

PUERLLA - @puerlla_en Instagram Accountpuerlla_en


PUERLLA - @puerlla_en Instagram Photo


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