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David Bates (@emoticonbates) Instagram Profile Photoemoticonbates

David Bates

#staygold 1668506068601723909
#Repost @lilphilya・・・@trapzillas Cannabis as alw 1668500549141310410

#repost@lilphilya・・・@trapzillasCannabis as always been there since I was very young I had ulcers and stomach problems since I was young and was givin multiple pills and treatment to "help" and "treat" but when my uncle showed me cannabis for the first time I slowly stopped taking 4-6 pills daily depending on pain, now I just keep my cannabis cause it's a keep away drug rather then a gate way I have had my share of drugs but nothing beats the true healing powers of cannabis if it wasn't for cannabis I probably wouldn't be here and for that I'm truly grateful for cannabis and what it's truly done and kept me away from, @trapzillas#staygold#soberwave#trapzilla#cannabisoverpills#cbdthc#marijuanaismedicine

Who-Knee (@honnid) Instagram Profile Photohonnid



(Final) Survey 2017I’ve done a lot of growing this year, as an artist and as a person. I want to thank everyone for all the good vibes shot my way recently. I appreciate it even though I may respond like a deer in the head lights. I hope my work in some way has inspired you to do you too.I’ve enjoyed my time at SU, the late nights, the stress the journey, but most of all the people I’ve met along the way.I look forward to seeing how you guys grow and evolve in your own journeys.And now I take my leave and step into the wider world. With a goofy smile and endless run on ideas and sentences.So stay you, Do you, and as always, Stay Weird. #nerdlife#justhonnithings#staygold

The Outsiders (@ttheoutsiders) Instagram Profile Photottheoutsiders

The Outsiders

Officer Rob (@ofcr_rob) Instagram Profile Photoofcr_rob

Officer Rob

He’s the Goldest Of the Gold. Thanks for your frie 1668484189820119829

He’s the Goldest Of the Gold. Thanks for your friendship, and thanks for everything you’re doing to keep #theoutsidersand The Outsiders House Museum alive for future generations! Happy Birthday, Sir!@dannyboydeltabravo#staygold

#wisewordswednesdayComparison is one of those thi 1668487143793088677

#wisewordswednesdayComparison is one of those things we don't like to talk about. We know it exists, that it is dangerous and that it is a heart breaker. But even I struggled to sit down and write about it.-----------------------------------------------Comparison can seem harmless, healthy some might even say. But the moment comparison becomes our driving force, the reason behind our decisions, the stealer of our joy, the focus of our thoughts- that's when you're in trouble.-----------------------------------------------Comparison is innate, but making a choice to be content with yourself, your life and everything in between is an important decision that we must choose to make daily. -----------------------------------------------Don't let someone else's highlight reel (aka the things they choose to post and share with you) fool you into thinking that you are not enough and that your life is suboptimal.You are golden. We are all golden. But we are also all just as perfectly imperfect as one another. -----------------------------------------------Learning to be content.Learning to cheer each other on.It's not always easy, but it will bring so much happiness and peace.Don't let comparison fool you today.

kelsey | i use after effects ! (@onlymyponyboy) Instagram Profile Photoonlymyponyboy

kelsey | i use after effects !

who likes rotten fruit??{ calm ur tits this isn’t 1668485774025074779

who likes rotten fruit??{ calm ur tits this isn’t a joke but i love diane but i hate cherry }-program; after effectssong; paparazzi by lady gaga (with the audio overlay edited in by me)dt; 🤷‍️cc; i forget but not mine !!-#ponyboy#pony#ponyboycurtis#theoutsiders#80s#80smovie#cthomashowell#roblowe#soda#sodapop#sodapopcurtis#darry#darrycurtis#dally#dallywinston#dallas#dallaswinston#johnny#johnnycade#twobit#twobitmathews#steve#steverandle#tomcruise#staygold#staygoldponyboy#tommyhowell#cherry#cherryvalance#dianelane

Alondra Gallegos (@wannabe_rocklee) Instagram Profile Photowannabe_rocklee

Alondra Gallegos

Here is my Stay Gold tattoo. Had to have it fixed1668484943359430638

Here is my Stay Gold tattoo. Had to have it fixed but I can now show it. Thank you @artbymikeyz33#staygold#theoutsiders#robertfrost#nothinggoldcanstay

The Drake Seafood & Oysterette (@thedrakeokc) Instagram Profile Photothedrakeokc

The Drake Seafood & Oysterette

Fresh in from P.E.I. and Massachusetts, we have th 1668483380779582236

Fresh in from P.E.I. and Massachusetts, we have the Conway Royal and Standish Shore oysters.#staygold#oystersandwine