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☀️ Abigail Ann ☀️ - @abigail__hardin Instagram Profile Photoabigail__hardin

☀️ Abigail Ann ☀️

☀️ Abigail Ann ☀️ - @abigail__hardin Instagram Photo

Hold out for your special someone... ️️️

OrlandoPsychicShop™ 莲ॐ - @thepsychicshop Instagram Profile Photothepsychicshop

OrlandoPsychicShop™ 莲ॐ

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Understanding #yinand #yangII – Opposite yet Complementary EnergiesThough Yin and Yang can be understood individually, they cannot exist separately. They might seem like opposites and do typically represent two different sides of one coin but their properties are actually complementary and dependent on one another.This indivisibility is a central aspect of Yin and Yang. Without Yin, Yang cannot exist. Without Yang, Yin is not present. Yin and Yang are inseparable; just as we cannot have only sunny days throughout the year, we will not only have cloudy either.—�> more in comments...

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