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Stacey Nutini - @staceybeaglegirl Instagram Profile Photostaceybeaglegirl

Stacey Nutini

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#soulsearchsundayWe all view ourselves as these flawed, broken human beings while in contrast, there ARE people in our lives who view us the way this piece of poetry is written instead.Don’t be afraid to tell someone how wonderful and perfect they are to you, it could be so simple for you to be open and vulnerable for that brief moment - while to them, it might change their entire outlook and life. ️ Repost from @aphroditecole

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Style and Support

Style and Support - @styleandsupp Instagram Photo

Elephants have values too! Don’t let politics take advantage of those with no voice... it’s important we work together to protect these animals and share our voices so they can be heard. #speakup#bekindtoelephants#savetheelephants

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Aidi Kansas

Aidi Kansas - @nolatantra Instagram Photo

So thrilled to have met such amazing women at my ClitSit talk on Friday night at Nola Soul. I can’t believe how many people showed up! This work is about the importance of sexual energy and how it relates to the strength it takes for a woman to speak up and be heard in society. Tapping into your sexual power using CSM will make such an enormous difference in your life. I never thought in a million years I would be talking to a roomful of people about a meditation I created to battle the stigma attached to female sexuality and the connection to achieving your goals. I still wake up and think- is this really happening? Did I really manifest CSM into a reality and generate the courage to speak publicly about something so taboo? And the answer is FUCK YEAH! If you’re interested in booking me for a talk or a session - message me. Consultations are free. #clitsitmeditation#intuition

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Live Laugh Love

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Setting HEALTHY boundaries and using that THROAT CHAKRA!! Learning to set boundaries that respect ourselves can be tough especially when dealing with loved ones, some of which have been telling/trying to teach us what we need/should be doing since we were babies. Honestly if we step back and observe, most people are unconsciously cycling through the programs they have been ingrained with. Usually reacting to what family, neighbors, society, television etc... has told them or thinks we should be. I don't yell often anymore but once in a while I will raise my voice to PROTECT my boundaries and my self worth, I don't need to be rude, mean or disrespectful when doing this but sometimes it neutralizes the situation! Like idk who you normally talk to like this but it not even close to acceptable, it seems some people push and try until you finally let them know what the boundary is. It's tough but usually once it's done respectfully and maybe a little time has passed they respect you more, they honestly have no other option. Most people are so scared of looking silly in front of others they constantly live in a REACTION state. Notice this in people through their words and reactions if they are worth the effort then set your boundaries, if not their are plenty of wonderful people out there that will appreciate you!! Blessings and love....and don't go yelling at everyone, speak UP and calm DOWN️️️

La Gringa Latina 🖤🎀 - @beckyveganbabe Instagram Profile Photobeckyveganbabe

La Gringa Latina 🖤🎀

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Repost: @undocumediaI’m mixed White/Latina. I’ve experienced white privilege and I’ve experienced racism so I know both are so real and that’s why I will always fight against injustice! Btw folks Native Americans were already in America and then these “illegal immigrants” aka white folks came to America....soooooo ya know y’all did it first 🤷‍️ to not speak against it is to comply with it•••#speakup#movement#wakeupamerica#staywoke#tomilahren#racism#whiteprivilege#nativeamericans#latina#latino#blackmen#blackwomen#blacklove#blacklivesmatter#america#fightinjustice#bethechange#love#avoiceforthevoiceless#standup#realnews#thisisamerica#immigrantsmakeamericagreat#dreamers

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The Mental Wealth Collective

The Mental Wealth Collective - @thementalwealthcollective Instagram Photo

We’re excited about creating affordable and accessible fitness classes for the mentally ill. Even the term itself - “mentally ill” - can be stigmatizing. We’re not shying away from using it, because if it gets used often enough in the right way the words will lose their negative associations. When our founder was diagnosed in 2008 one of the most confusing parts to grapple with was identity. “I held stigma against ‘those people’ society called crazy/mentally unstable/psychos/etc. I didn’t agree with myself suddenly being put in that category. I’ve always struggled with the term itself because it sounds so distancing, so different. Our society doesn’tgroup physically ill patients together and call them all ‘the physically ill.’”🧘‍️🧘‍️🧘‍️🧘‍️Our classes are inclusive to ALL. Whether you have a diagnosable mental illness or not. Only requirement? A desire to give your brain a boost, naturally.Words are important to pay attention to because they are how we label things. They are a reflection of our thoughts, and the unacknowledged reflection of the standards of a society- what’s acceptable and what’s not. Take the pledge to speak smartly about labels around mental illness - and tag a friend below to take the pledge with you!.............#mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#empathyoverstigma#mentalillness#mentalillnessrecovery#mentalillnesschallenge#groupchallenge#speakup#speaksmart#kindness#kindnessiscool#moveyourbody#moveyourbrain#brainpower#neuronsaresexy

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Confessions - @_confessstories_ Instagram Photo
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Naw,Mace ain’t my son,Naw I’m not trying be his Father,Yea he know his Father.yeah his father in his Life.Yeah, I Love Mace as if he my son.Yeah, he Love me 2, He call me Ovol,He my Dawg, I’m his Big Dawg. #frommetoyou#ifuoranybodyelsehadanythingtosay #whyuaintsaynithing #speakup #yallknowimnotadeadbeat #2sides2errystory #take2

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