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Jamie LeSueur - @jamie_lesueur Instagram Accountjamie_lesueur

Jamie LeSueur

Jamie LeSueur - @jamie_lesueur Instagram Photo

Finished loading the first shipment of relief items onto the Ilyushin 76 today. We're moving 110 tons of aid to northern South Sudan this week reaching at least 30,000 people. #southsudan#ifrc#redcross

corriebutler - @corriebutler Instagram Accountcorriebutler


corriebutler - @corriebutler Instagram Photo

Today was another one of those days that remind me why I love this work. First load of humanitarian aid going to north west South Sudan. A surreal morning watching these items get loaded into the Ilyushin 76 where they will reach 30,000 people impacted by displacement.So proud of Jamie who has put this operations together#southsudan#ilyushin#humanitarianaid#redcross#ifrc

Paul Jeffrey - @pauljeffrey Instagram Accountpauljeffrey

Paul Jeffrey

Paul Jeffrey - @pauljeffrey Instagram Photo

A young Dinka woman walks among cattle in Dong Boma, a village in South Sudan's Jonglei State. Most of the families in the village recently returned home after being displaced by rebel soldiers in December 2013, and they face serious challenges in rebuilding their village while simultaneously coping with a drought which has devastated the cattle herds that provide a foundation for their economy and culture.  #southsudan#cattlekeepers#dinka#africa#cows#cattle#animals#woman#photojournalism#photography#jonglei

Jenni V - @jvettel Instagram Accountjvettel

Jenni V

Jenni V - @jvettel Instagram Photo
Emma Symons - @emmasymons5 Instagram Accountemmasymons5

Emma Symons

Go media

Today I went for a flight in a tiny plane to drop some medicine off to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. In late September we trained a couple of guys from this tiny village to treat malaria, after we heard about people there dying of malaria. The closest health care facility is days away. These guys are doing a great job serving their community, along with 11 others doing the same in their own villages. No more malaria deaths this season, and over 2000 people treated! #ilovemyjob#ilovetinyplanes#fieldtrip#southsudan

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