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Blake Austin - @osteopathiclife Instagram Profile Photoosteopathiclife

Blake Austin

Blake Austin - @osteopathiclife Instagram Photo

#supineerSupine external rotations might be the best ER movement out there◽️Supine gives a great feedback of placement of scapulas and head position.◾️A nice reminder of hands hitting the ground during concentric-eccentric transition.Bulletproof your rotator cuff#bulletproofmovments#mandatorymovements#rotatorcuff#er#shoulderhealth#prehab#rehab#dynamictherapy#bhbb#brewhousebarbell#dt#bulletproof

Joshua Graham - @thehealthyhappycoach Instagram Photo

Canada 🇨🇦 150 challenge Day 110 / 150: today we've got an 150 second isometric hold for the biceps at a 90 degree angle for the elbow. It gets more challenging as the time goes on so grab some weights and try it out!

Kieran Hedley - @hedleyfitness Instagram Profile Photohedleyfitness

Kieran Hedley

Kieran Hedley - @hedleyfitness Instagram Photo

TAP SAVE FOR HEALTHIER SHOULDERS ↗️ -Do these weird exercises to help keep your shoulder safe, mobile and pain free by giving yourself better internal rotation. 🤸‍️ Also great for helping shoulder rehab.-1️⃣ Sleeper Hold: Lying on your side with your underside shoulder tucked back and under your body. Your elbow is positioned about 80 degrees from your body. Push your palm toward the ground with a light pressure.-2️⃣ Behind the Back Internal Rotation Stretch: Put the back of one hand on the side middle back. Push the back of your elbow against something solid and rotate your torso toward your elbow.-3️⃣ Crouching Internal Rotation Stretch: Put the backs of both hands against your back. Bring your elbows forward in front of you as much as possible. Crouch down or sit down and lean over. Push the insides of your knees against the outside of your elbows to enhance your internal rotation. Push your upper back toward the ceiling.-All stretches should be held for at least 40 seconds. Enhanced internal rotation is shown to decrease pain scores in the shoulder. Double tap for healthy shoulders and rotator cuffs YAY-Please comment for other video ideas! I’m here to help ‍️

Ted Ramey - @tedramey Instagram Profile Phototedramey

Ted Ramey

Ted Ramey - @tedramey Instagram Photo

Got me a @roguefitnesslandmine parallel handle. I HIGHLY recommend this for any gym or home set up. No more v handles slipping on a bar. #rows#backworkout#shoulderprehab#shoulderhealth#crossfit#powerlifting#bodybuilding#posteriorchain

Dr. Nick Buonforte DPT CSCS - @dr.njbuonforte Instagram Profile Photodr.njbuonforte

Dr. Nick Buonforte DPT CSCS

Dr. Nick Buonforte DPT CSCS - @dr.njbuonforte Instagram Photo

IMPROVING UPPER EXTREMITY MOBILITYIn these clips I am switching focus from lower body (previous posts) to improving upper extremity mobility ️. These clips consist of @drandreospinaFRC principles: lift offs, hovers, and end-range rotations. Throughout each movement I am focusing on Irradiating/tensioning my entire body / owning as much range as I can..First starting with lift offs from a block to an upper extremity (UE) hover. Focusing on slow/controlled movement - owning the range. . Then, progressing the mobility work with adding rotational movements to the end of the hover. As I perform my rotations, I am focusing on keeping my arm from dropping down toward the floor ️..Next, performing lift offs + elbow hinge. I lift off the block keeping my arm in my max active position I can obtain, and then as I perform the elbow hinge - I am focusing on not letting my arm drop toward the floor. .Finishing with the same concept (lift off + hinge) and adding rotational movement to increase time under tension of the muscular components involved in the movement / challenge myself.Get assessed by a medical professional to see if you'd benefit from this ‼️.Video credit@davidmotivof @motivny‼️.#driveptandperformance#drnjbuonforte.TAG, COMMENT, & SHARE ‼️

Kyle Gentle - @kyle.gentle.strengthcoach Instagram Photo

#minuteclinic#47More Core! Suitcase Holds 🤼A great exercise for full body strength and conditioning. One of the most "functional" exercises you can do cause who doesn't carry shit in their lives. No one, that's who. Everyone carries shit everyday. May as well learn how to save your low back and further teach yourself how to maintain good posture when a load is trying to twist your body up. As Peter Griffin said, "lift in a twisty jerky motion" 🤣....obviously DON'T DO THAT! Stay even and reap the physical and mental rewards! Want to be strong, just carry stuff 🤓 But as always the magic isn't just in carrying stuff but in HOW you carry stuff.

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