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| blair waldorf— [blair] or brookeblair will always be the no. one queen- cr; @wistful_edits

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Alex| Multifandom

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forever in my mindomg i acc love serena smsorry this is so simple :/dt: @v.oidgrande

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xoxo, gossip girl.

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Sigo sin entender porque Dan le contó algo tan personal a Blair cuando sabía que ella solía molestar personas, pero aún así no me quejo, ya que es uno de mis momentos favoritos de ellos dos.Nótese: Mi confusa edición gracias a que empecé haciendo el diálogo de Dan amarillo y el de Blair blanco, y termino al revés.(104)xoxo[ #dair]@pennbadgley+ @itsmeleighton

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Tv shows fandom

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->Fandom: #gossipgirland #theoc‍️-Which friendship? Summer and Marissa from “the O.C.” or Blair and Serena from “Gossip Girl”? Tbh I love both friendships and I prefer Gossip than The OC, even if I love both shows I have to choose Summer and Marissa, Idk why I think their friendship was more healthy than the Blerena friendship, Blerena always had fights and Blair used to feel less than Serena and they were selfish and acted like children sometimes, it’s my point of view even if I love them, ofc there were moments when they supported each other a lot and that’s why I love their friendship but I remember Summer was always there for Marissa and trying to help her, and do the best for her, I think they just had a fight in season 3 I can’t remember if there were others but they were so much closer because their boyfriends were like brothers and the four were almost always together and hanging out, I loved their friendship was so cute, and how to forgot when they were sisters and the thing that happened at the end of season 3...That’s my opinion but I do really love both@rachelbilson@mischamazing@itsmeleighton@blakelively

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