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Shane Leung 🥀 (@shaneeexo) Instagram Profile Photoshaneeexo

Shane Leung 🥀

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People disgust me a lot these days. Why do people keep inflicting pain on one another? Why do people even do this at the first place? Why? Just why? At what age did you all lose your compassion?What makes you think that you’re better than girls in your class who couldn’t afford to wear Designer garments like you? What makes you think that you’re more of value because you were born with more ‘prominent’ features? What makes you think that when you die you’ll go straight into heaven because throughout your life you’ve heavily despised gay marriage and you’ve been perfectly ‘normal’ aka Heterosexual? What makes you think that your ethnicity/race/passport/citizenship or even the number of citizenships you acquire make you superior? Stop just right there. It’s excruciating.29.11.17, 3:28am. Much love to you all. Love, Shane.

numb (@x.br0ken.x) Instagram Photo

Yes this was my arm 7 months ago I was bullied alot and teased about my weight and it was the only way I found and escape by writing on myself so I always knew and didn't get hurt it didn't make a diffrence so if ur going threw a hard time seek someone to talk to or talk to me becuase im always available 24/7 don't be shy#sadgirl #sadquotes #fucklove #selfharm #depression #depressionquotes #depressed #feelings #folloe #forever #selflove #kms #likeforlike #die #like4like #follow

Soulphia (@sincerelysoulphia) Instagram Photo

This time last year iwas a sad girl. I’m not her anymore . Thankful .Sincerely,Soulphia .Ps Pre-order #ripsadgirlon iTunes music today 12.12

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Edits (@depress.edit) Instagram Photo

lol a peppa pig edit by @tehntaclecheck her page out Also every Thursday I’m going to repost from smaller edit pages once or twice

🕷🍭Vanessa Crow🍭🕷 (@van_crow_) Instagram Profile Photovan_crow_

🕷🍭Vanessa Crow🍭🕷

🕷🍭Vanessa Crow🍭🕷 (@van_crow_) Instagram Photo

Happy I got to spend some quality time with my 91-going-on-92-yr-old grandma today. We both weren't feeling well. It was the greatest feeling having a special moment with her...helping her...bonding... It's been too long#feverface#sadgirl#shegavemethatringyearsago#ilovemygrandma#thankful

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