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Chapter 5Haydens Pov:I was dancing when I noticed that Brennan walked up to Annie and he took her hand and took her upstairs. I went as fast I could because I know that Annie is drunk and can't control some of the things she does. Once I got up there I saw Brennan taking Annie's jacket off of her. I just went up to him and punched him. I punched him over and over again until he was on the ground. I took Annie and her jacket and stormed out of the room. Annie was mumbling something the whole time but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I found Kenzie and Johnny.H: We need to leave.Now.Jo: Ok! What happened?Ke: Is everything okHa: Not Really! Brennan just tried to have sex with Annie while she is drunk. I'm done with this guy.Ke: Omg Annie!She ran up to Annie and gave her a hug. Annie just smiled. 
Jo: Okay we need to go.A: OKAYYYYY WE ARE LEAVING WOOOHOOO YAYYYY OH wait a minute!! *Drunk*Ke: WHAT
Ha: Okay let get you back to the bus!*Skip to when they get back to the bus*Ha:Ok Annie let's get in bed!A: Ok OkI started to walk out when Annie stopped me. She looks tired.A: I love y--And she fell asleep.I don't know if that was her drunk self talking or her sober self talking. I'll just put it in the past. Tomorrow we have tour.  Annies going to have fun tomorrow *Sarcastic*NEXT MORNINGAnnies Pov:I woke up with the worst headache ever. That wasn't my first time drinking alcohol but it still hurts my head. Ughhhh. We have a performance today and I don't want to! I walk into the living area where Hayden and Kenzie are. They were sitting on the couch when I just layed on top of them. Kenzie pushed me off of her so I just stayed laying on Hayden. He didn't move me which felt nice.Ha: I see you're up Annie! *Laughs*A: *with her eyes closed* ya but i'm tired and I have a headacheHa: About last night.Do you remember what happened?A: What happened?Ha: With Brennan?A: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH BRENNAN?! TBC/Sorry kinda short. I need to go to bed and I promised a chapter tonight so here you go. Im posting a few tomorrow as well. Spam the comments for more!

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