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Daniel Flete - @iamdannydylan Instagram Accountiamdannydylan

Daniel Flete

Daniel Flete - @iamdannydylan Instagram Photo

It all starts with our thoughts.Thoughts of success lead to actions of being successful. Surround yourself with successful people you can learn from. Read the right material to increase your positive thought pattern and ambition. Check out @theheartofthedeal#mentalfortitude#rise#entrepreneur#philanthropist#mentor#beyourownboss#makeyourownlane#franchiserapid#risk#reward#theheartofthedeal

Mona Thompson - @queenbmona Instagram Accountqueenbmona

Mona Thompson

Mona Thompson - @queenbmona Instagram Photo

Give the “Gift of Confidence” this holiday season. There is nothing greater than a girl or woman walking confidently in who they are. No comparison, no doubt, just comfortable in their own skin! Boxed sets include RISE & SHINE Book, journal and RISE Bookmark $30#rise#risegirl#riseandshine#risegirlsrock#risegirlsprogram#riseabove#riseandgrind#selfesteem#selfesteemboost#gamechanger#journal#dreamgirl#dreambigger#dreamcatcher#dreamcanvas#girlsprogram#destiny#confidence#girlsmovie#giftideasforher#giftsforgirls#boxset#boxsets

Jaime Narvaez MPA, JD - @jaimeanarvaez Instagram Accountjaimeanarvaez

Jaime Narvaez MPA, JD

Jaime Narvaez MPA, JD - @jaimeanarvaez Instagram Photo

Back in town and ready to rock it with an Awesome line up! Join us at Joseph’s (After-After Hours) every Sat & Sun morning 6:30am to 3pm : 15 Years Strong! Experience it!

Live Larger - Ett Större Liv - @leila.andersson Instagram Accountleila.andersson

Live Larger - Ett Större Liv

Live Larger - Ett Större Liv - @leila.andersson Instagram Photo

Do you know the "in between"? This trip has been and continues to be all about allowing the "in between" to take over completely.  One phase of something is over and a new one is about to begin. In between the two there's nothingness and emptiness, mixed with anticipation.Ask me anything and my answer will most probably be "I don't know".*My creative muse keeps giving me invites to start building things for spring but I don't know which one of all her ideas to respond to. I don't even know how to respond. *I've been wanting to post something inspiring for days but the words won't form. I have nothing to say and I don't know why I want to say anything in the first place.*Apart from saying yes to a few deep soul prompting nudges I don't know what I'll be doing when I get back home. And I don't even know why the soul is prompting.*And no the photo has nothing to do with the message or text but you know, I don't know.But it's all good, I trust I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I'm leaning in to the gratitude and the excitement I'm feeling right here, right now. I can sense something huge is coming. Something about taking a stand, changing the language, killing neutrality. Whatever that means, I don't know yet. I heard someone talk about this as being in " the divine discontent" - the gap between where the body is and what we can feel is coming...yeah feels about right.And this is a very "all over the place" post THAT I know. Maybe it's the new moon vibes. Scorpio messing with my system. I don't know. ️Love to you all from Costa Rica. #puravida

Saint Anthony's Youth Ministry - @saintanthonygps Instagram Accountsaintanthonygps

Saint Anthony's Youth Ministry

Saint Anthony's Youth Ministry - @saintanthonygps Instagram Photo

A group of our teens and adults have taken their spiritual journey national and attending the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis! .While they're away we're still holding down the fort here at home. Tomorrow, all 1st and 2nd years and GPS members are invited (and yes even though this is an invite, you have to be there) to the Ecumenical Service at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church in Passaic..The service starts at 3PM and is in place of class this week so make sure you check-in and sign-in with one of the adults!.One more thing! Antioch 42 is TWO WEEKS away so mark your calendars! The retreat is open to 2nd Years and GPS members only. Don't worry 1st years, you'll get a chance to attend a retreat (or two) in the new year..Have a wonderful Saturday and we'll see y'all tomorrow!

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