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David S Forbes (@dsf1976) Instagram Profile Photodsf1976

David S Forbes

When I grow up I want to be these guys! #legends # 1667786784664320720

When I grow up I want to be these guys! #legends#peterotoole#richardharris#class#style#pals

The next #HarryPotter #film is The Chamber of Secr 1667771665758921747

The next #harrypotter#filmis The Chamber of Secrets. I wrote briefly about this several Tuesday’s ago, but I was going from memory and ended up talking about the series as a whole. This time, I can address it in more detail. It’s Harry’s 2nd year at #hogwartsand certain recurring elements come up, my favorite is the always changing defense against the dark arts teacher. The heartthrob, Gilderoy Lockhart (#kennethbranagh ) is a real showman and boaster, but he’s a fraud as a wizard. Hogwarts becomes unsafe as the titular chambe of Secrets is opened. Students are petrified by some ancient beast and the culprit claims to be the heir of Slytherin. Harry, Hermione, and Ron suspect Draco, but others think it’s Harry, since he can speak to snakes. Then Harry discovers the diary of Tom Riddle, which cast suspicion to others and creates a real mystery for our young hero to solve. This #moviegives some backstory on Voldemort and on Hagrid. Dumbledore has a bigger role and we get to see the Weasley family. This would be director #chriscolumbuslast movie in the series and he brought a certain brightness that would change after this entry. I enjoyed watching this again and look forward to the rest of the #movies . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

#RichardHarris Award winner #VanessaRedgrave & her 1667770868178137340

#richardharrisAward winner #vanessaredgrave& her daughter #joelyrichardsonwore a #roksandaFall 2017 red dress with satin detail to the #britishindependentfilmawards2017 in #london . ▪️#bifa#bifa2017#niptuck

ℋarry poттer edιтѕ (@emmcwctson) Instagram Profile Photoemmcwctson

ℋarry poттer edιтѕ

[alвυѕ dυмвledor]Fan.:Harry Potter Dt.:11.12.20 1667490990191176320

[alвυѕ dυмвledor]•Fan.:Harry Potter •Dt.:11.12.2017•Ques.:McGonnagall or Lupin?•Ans.: McGonnagall#albusdumbeldore#richardharris#michaelgambon