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Kassandra Vircik - @groovyone420 Instagram Profile Photogroovyone420

Kassandra Vircik

Kassandra Vircik - @groovyone420 Instagram Photo

Are you often called a couch potato? ...Well I have a reason for you to get up off that couch !! I bet you you've never had a potato pizza before!! This pizza is simple yet absolutely delicious! We deep fry our bar chips till they are nice and crispy and sprinkle them with salt then on top of your sauce and cheese we lay down these salty chips along with bacon and mixed cheddar we cook it till the cheese is oh so gooey ! Then once out of the oven we garnish this masterpiece with some sour cream and green onions! I completely just blew your mind ...I have that affect on people #barfood#potatoskins#restaurant#justjohns#bar#goodfood#potatopizza#delicious#tasty#yougottaeathere#localpub#localrestaurant

L E △ H 🦇 - @broccoleah_ Instagram Profile Photobroccoleah_

L E △ H 🦇

L E △ H 🦇 - @broccoleah_ Instagram Photo

Two of the seven Italian finger desserts I made at work last nightfor a fancy pantsy dinner. Limoncello rosemary bread pudding and vanilla bean/cocoa amaretto layered panna cotta with almond brittle#werk#whatido

Grato by Chef Clay Conley - @gratowpb Instagram Profile Photogratowpb

Grato by Chef Clay Conley

Grato by Chef Clay Conley - @gratowpb Instagram Photo

Who's coming to brunch? #grato

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