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Deejay Dos Muchoz (@therealdeejaydosmuchoz) Instagram Profile Phototherealdeejaydosmuchoz

Deejay Dos Muchoz

Greg Smith (@glsmith04) Instagram Profile Photoglsmith04

Greg Smith

#repost - video via @djstace63OG status... I bet 1669312874163711382

#repost- video via @djstace63OG status... I bet y’all she’s murder on the 1s&2s as well.#realhiphopknows #nocolor#respecthedj

RoQy TyRaiD (@roqytyraid) Instagram Profile Photoroqytyraid

RoQy TyRaiD

Claudio Lopes Pinto (CLP) (@claudiolopespintoclp) Instagram Profile Photoclaudiolopespintoclp

Claudio Lopes Pinto (CLP)

🤘 1659454165967405244


DJ Sav One (@dj_sav_one) Instagram Profile Photodj_sav_one

DJ Sav One

Tony Touch, #50 - Power Cypha aka 50 MCs. This is1658544679934650630

Tony Touch, #50- Power Cypha aka 50 MCs. This is a hall of fame mixtape! Released in ‘96, this was the first of 3 milestone mixtapes where Tony Touch celebrated with a “power cypha.” Each a classic with a wide range of emcees from underground to now-legends. Examples: KRS, Nine, Heather B, Busta Rhymes, Das EFX, Channel Live, Smif N Wesson, Smooth the Hustler, Guru, Kool F Rap, Black Star, MC Serch and dozens more. It was released on cassette and double CD, probably a bootleg LP but I never saw one. Ironically, tape 44 is still my favorite of all his mixes but these were obviously dope and groundbreaking too. Salute the DJ for pushing the culture forward.

Sabelo Mkhabela (@sabzamk) Instagram Profile Photosabzamk

Sabelo Mkhabela

Jason Watson (@dj_json_) Instagram Profile Photodj_json_

Jason Watson

Shout out @deejayjuice100 a dope ass gott 1656758629250194299

Shout out @deejayjuice100a dope ass gotta give ppl the roses while they could still smell them...sakute my of my inspirations in the dj game #respecthedj

Dj Rutu (@djruturd) Instagram Profile Photodjruturd

Dj Rutu

Ya está llegando el 2018 y siguen en lo mismo#Me 1652660462313888405

Ya está llegando el 2018 y siguen en lo mismo#me#djlife#djrutu#lajefajefa#femaledj#angrydj#respecthedj#lr