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Grace - @_sweet_swifties Instagram Photo

The face behind the accountI always appreciate actually seeing who the peeps are, so here I am! How's the swifties this morning?@taylorswift@taylornation#taylorswift#theswiftietag#swifties#taytayswift#tswizzle#reputationera#ts6

Julia😊 - @phillyswiftie Instagram Accountphillyswiftie


Julia😊 - @phillyswiftie Instagram Photo

Someone take me back to this day @taylorswiftI love you so much and can’t wait to see you again in July️️️ please ignore my annoying scream singing••@taylornation•Please Tag Taylor on my previous two part video on my page!!! i would love for her to see I️t️ thank you! And good luck with reputaylurking

The Old Taylor - @oh_cosshesdead Instagram Accountoh_cosshesdead

The Old Taylor

The Old Taylor - @oh_cosshesdead Instagram Photo

Dont blame me or I did something bad?#reputationera#taylorswift@taylorswift

Shelby 😻 - @shelbyswiftie13 Instagram Accountshelbyswiftie13

Shelby 😻

Shelby 😻 - @shelbyswiftie13 Instagram Photo

I'm so excited about Taylor's style this era because I can actually wear some of itI love 1989 fashion but there's no way I was able to rock bright crop top/mini two pieces. I'm hear for stylish sweatshirts and lots of black haha. #reputation#taylor#reputationera#reputaylurking#taylornation

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