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REY Jennifer✨🎬🎥📷🌺 - @jennyrey1212 Instagram Accountjennyrey1212

REY Jennifer✨🎬🎥📷🌺

Laura and Ethan - @mamaandethan Instagram Accountmamaandethan

Laura and Ethan

Laura and Ethan - @mamaandethan Instagram Photo

•HAPPY BOY•We always get so many compliments from family, friends and strangers about how happy of a boy Ethan is. It's one of the compliments that I enjoy the most.I don't tell many people but I struggled with quite a bad form of pre natal depression and anxiety.My worry was that all that sadness, anger and negative emotion would affect how Ethan was . That he would be an ancy, angry or sad baby.But he really couldn't be more happier if he tried (unless he is hungry !). He has such a zest for life, he is so sociable and laughs his way through every day.I'm relishing these pictures, the ones where he smiles naturally, for I know once he hits a certain age it will be the "cheese" false smile that children love to put on (of course these pictures still have their own merit), and these natural smiles from the soul will be harder to capture.Keep smiling my little boy, mama has lots of plans to help you stay as happy as you are now for your whole life. ...#tapfortags#smile#nautral#reportage#amateurphotography#son#mybiggestblessing#myhappycapture#igmama#mamagram#mumsbehindthecamera#motherblogger#childhoodunplugged#motherhoodunplugged#happybaby#happiness#purejoy#godisgood#motherhoodthroughinstagram#gentleparenting

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