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Risalah Hati NET Jatim - @risalahhati_net Instagram Profile Photorisalahhati_net

Risalah Hati NET Jatim

Risalah Hati NET Jatim - @risalahhati_net Instagram Photo

Tetap bersemangat ya SAHABAT RISALAH?..Saksikan selengkapnya dalam program RISALAH HATI.NET.JATIM / CHANNEL 58 UHFSenin-Jumat, pkl 10.00-10.30Sabtu-Minggu, pkl 08.30-09.00..Atau saksikan selengkapnya di JATIM // Youtube: Risalah Hati Net Jatim.#risalahhati#tausiyah#renunganislam#muslimah#muslim#aswaja#ustadzkece#netmediatama#netjatim#kajianquran#inspirasi#quotesoftheday#negeriakhirat#kata_katabijak#quotesgram#quotesforday#quotesfortoday#nasihat#kajianquran#nasihat#nasihattaqwa#katakatahikmah#nasihatuntukdirisendiri#pemudahijrah#nasihatpagi#nasihatdiri#quotess#religion#moeslim#moeslem#moeslimah#moeslemindonesia

Terence T.H. Pema - @cloudth Instagram Profile Photocloudth

Terence T.H. Pema

Terence T.H. Pema - @cloudth Instagram Profile Photocloudth

Terence T.H. Pema

Terence T.H. Pema - @cloudth Instagram Profile Photocloudth

Terence T.H. Pema

Terence T.H. Pema - @cloudth Instagram Photo

Vairocana Buddha

Tiffany - @tiffanymctaggart Instagram Photo

The Way - Faith Hope Love

Armond & Nneka Mosley - @how2dategodsway Instagram Profile Photohow2dategodsway

Armond & Nneka Mosley

Armond & Nneka Mosley - @how2dategodsway Instagram Photo

COUPLE FEATURENames: Addy & NikkiHow they met: At a house party of a mutual friendStatus: Dating, preparing ourselves for marriage.We’ve been dating 3 yrs.We are not engaged as of yet BUT will be in due time. Sooner than later.How they knew they were the one for each other:HER- I knew Addy was the one when he went away on a trip to Mexico with his boys. We were just dating back then and nothing was "official" but I remember feeling like it was no big deal that he was leaving UNTIL he left! The transition from speaking to him every day to realizing that he was overseas with limited wifi was legitimately stressful for me (as silly as that sounds)! That week, I wore every single article of clothing that he gave me, watched every single video of him, stalked his social media accounts, twiddled my thumbs, and realized that I did not want to be a part from him EVER! Haha I got so much joy just from speaking to him in small pockets of time and actually came to terms with the fact that I loved him. While it's super weird and random, that's the first time I had ever felt that way about anyone and realized that Addy was the one for me.HIM- When we first started dating I was not looking for a relationship. I was just doing my own thing, looking to have “fun”. Shortly after a few dates I realized that she was not like anyone I’d encountered before. The way she carried herself as a lady exemplifying class while having a personality that was so loving and down to Earth enticed and attracted me. We were in NYC for Super Bowl Boulevard and although temperatures were freezing cold, I could remember not caring because her and I were having the time of our lives. It was at that point that I knew she was the one.Celibate during courtship?Interesting enough we did not start off celibate in our relationship.However, through the unction of GOD and our willingness to be obedient we have been celibate for the past 2 years.Challenges faced dating God’s way: The challenges we face dating God's way have to do with battling temptation (individually and collectively). Since Addy and I have previously been (continued ) @addydoes#howtodategodsway

Christian Catholic Shop - @christiancatholicshop Instagram Profile Photochristiancatholicshop

Christian Catholic Shop

Proud_To_Be_Sikh - @proud_to_be_sikh__ Instagram Profile Photoproud_to_be_sikh__


Proud_To_Be_Sikh - @proud_to_be_sikh__ Instagram Photo
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