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Gemini, Love Coach for Women (@geminiferrie_lovecoach) Instagram Profile Photogeminiferrie_lovecoach

Gemini, Love Coach for Women

Alejandro Barajas (@alexxb_90) Instagram Profile Photoalexxb_90

Alejandro Barajas

Kellie J. Wright (@kelliejwright) Instagram Profile Photokelliejwright

Kellie J. Wright

Yes, and why it is very important to get out and p 1671956884033617905

Yes, and why it is very important to get out and participate with life. ~ With others, for when we do we find freedom from isolating thoughts. Our hearts open to live, connect, and create in real time ~ in the fabric of life. Not ran through tapes running and replaying in ones mind. ️Kellie J. Wright #90daytransformationguide#internaljourneysGet out of your mind ~ start a 90 day transformation with me as your guide. @eckharttolleI love this beautiful meme. Cheers! #eckharttolle#selflove#relationshipgoals#creative#spirit#guide#realtime#dance#love#be

DEZMEN HORNE (@dez2fly) Instagram Profile Photodez2fly


( TAG 2️⃣USERS) When You Ask For A Allowance--1671955970539864261
randomthoughts (@random.tghts) Instagram Profile Photorandom.tghts


Instagram Photo taken by random.tghts 1671957284774696007
I adore You #myhelsinki but these #winters without 1671957383657988695

I adore You #myhelsinkibut these #winterswithout #snowreally aren't good for us. Less than a week ago it was like this. It lasted less than a day. LESS THAN ONE DAY. It's not winter if you can count it in hours. It's spring messing with me in #december .I'll be out of town for the Christmas holidays, chasing #mywinterin #centralfinlandbut please, when I get back, it really really would be good for our relationship to have at least a few of those days of January and February, when the streets are white and bright and the evening walks don't make my shoes wet. And if You're really thinking of making my winter, I'd be more than happy to take my skis out of the storage room and feel the magical season really slide in.The ball is in Your court now. Please make it cold, flaky and white.#finland#letitsnow#bringiton#fourseasons#ineedmywinter#prettyplease#finnishgirl#keskisuomalainen#lostinhelsinki#relationshipgoals