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Andrew Fraser - @andrewfraser811 Instagram Profile Photoandrewfraser811

Andrew Fraser

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Sleepless nights and these weakened eyestryna keep my dreams alive and unleash this beast inside and they say seek youll find but i can't find reasons why these demons creep and hide its like they wanna see me die #alexjones#leaveamessage#lgeez#life#realtalk

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B A I I A - @baiia_label Instagram Photo

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite."- William Blake..Image cred: @llautllaut

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Good'D™ - @gooddtunes Instagram Photo
Shaun Browne - @shaun_browne Instagram Profile Photoshaun_browne

Shaun Browne

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We need to transcend our conditioning and return to our natural state; oneness with all of life and each other. Be blessed. 1 love#mandela#nelsonmandela#wisdom#love#freedom#happiness#equality#freedom#happy#peace#one#life#quotes#epicquotes #realtalk#truth

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HoverGo🎢 Management

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For guys who allways think that successful traders post demo results.We are professional traders with 9 years of trading experience.We are not some instagram boys who trade demo accounts.We manage millions of dollars for investors and small investors all over the world.

💪🏽 F I T • F O O D I E🌸 - @sunshine__susan Instagram Profile Photosunshine__susan

💪🏽 F I T • F O O D I E🌸

💪🏽 F I T • F O O D I E🌸 - @sunshine__susan Instagram Photo

Let’s have a little Sunday #realtalktoday, shall we? ️.There’s one thing that’s one of my main characteristics and kind of determines all the aspects of my life. It’s hard to explain how much but I’m really really really hard on myself. I’m always my own biggest critic, I always think that I can do better... where others admire me, I see room for improvement.For the most part, this is great,it makes me work really hard in everything I do, it always makes me strive for more and push harder.But at the same time, it makes my life a lot harder than it has to be.As a result, I’m never satisfied and always want to put more on my shoulders. 🤦‍️ And this brings me to what I actually want to talk about..Last week, one person told me “I would like to have your life”.First I went, “What? Why? ” but then, it really got me thinking. Not because I think that my life is something that should be desirable. But it made me realize that I’m concentrating so much on what I want to achieve that I often completely forget to be grateful for what I have already.We look at other people’s lives with envy but don’t forget that someone else look at us that way. I’m sorry I’m gonna sound cheesy again but this week, let’s try to appreciate everything we’ve achieved, how far we’ve come and notice how lucky we are.And I’m lucky to walk around beautiful streets of Edinburgh on my way to work, I am lucky that I can spend all my time in the kitchen creating delicious recipes, I am lucky that I can do the things I love in my free time, I am lucky that I can share my passion with other people. And I appreciate moments like the one in this picture where I walk around the city on a beautiful day, drink delicious coffee, try new foods and read great books.GTFO with that “where do you see yourself in five years” question . I’m interested in the NOW.

ANNA KRISTYNA SION - @annakristynasion Instagram Profile Photoannakristynasion


ANNA KRISTYNA SION - @annakristynasion Instagram Photo
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Casino...i tady jsem kdysi zkoušela pracovat, samozřejmě to nešlo. Protože není lepší hazard než život sám a lepší hra než jít za svým snemCasino...I used to try to work there. Unsuccessful, of course. There is no better gamble than life and no better game than chasing your dreams#memories#casino#games#gamer#croupier#dealer#poker#roulette#blackjack#texasholdem#job#past#lifelessons#dreamer#dreamchaser#nevergiveup#neversettle#nocompromise#artist#jewelrydesigner#wildchild#restless#keepitreal#realtalk#nofake#lifejourney#girlpower

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