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Panaprium - @panaprium Instagram Accountpanaprium


Panaprium - @panaprium Instagram Photo

Fuel to the body. Fuel to the soul.

anniegee11 - @anniegee11 Instagram Accountanniegee11


Kippy's Ice Cream - @kippysicecream Instagram Accountkippysicecream

Kippy's Ice Cream

Kippy's Ice Cream - @kippysicecream Instagram Photo

Kippy’s for two please ️ : @abatphotos

Ky @ CONSCIOUS CRAVES FOODS - @conscious_craves_foods Instagram Accountconscious_craves_foods


Ky @ CONSCIOUS CRAVES FOODS - @conscious_craves_foods Instagram Photo

GRAWnola bowl with chocolate almond milk, homemade coconut yogurt, banana, strawbs and just to top it off a Coco Cacao SNACKAROON Yummmmmm were down at the Margaret River Farmeris market today and every Saturday 7:30-11:30

Roxy 🦋 Punina - @rox_city Instagram Accountrox_city

Roxy 🦋 Punina

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I love finding a good protein bar almost as much as I love Friday🤸‍️.@amritabarsprotein bars have my ️— they are made with high quality, unrefined, pure ingredients that are all low on the GI scale (which naturally leaves me satiated); have an incredible taste; & are 100% 🥥plant basedAND allergen-friendly 🥚🥛..Macros: 8F 30C 15P

Cocolife Australia - @livethecocolife Instagram Accountlivethecocolife

Cocolife Australia

Cocolife Australia - @livethecocolife Instagram Photo

If you're not drinking your cocktails from a coconut like @elliebullen , you're doing it wrong! Have a gorgeous weekend everyone.

The Pursuit Of Healthiness - @samoan_herbivore Instagram Accountsamoan_herbivore

The Pursuit Of Healthiness

The Pursuit Of Healthiness - @samoan_herbivore Instagram Photo

Went back to my Doctor Appointment for my 2 Weeks followup. But during the 2 Weeks (before my followup) for breakfast, and dinner, I juiced Kale, Beets, (1-2) Green and (1) Fuji Apples. And for lunch, I had Celery (1Bunch), with Green Apples (2-3) and a Pear- Juiced! Today, in just 2 Weeks, my BP (Blood Pressure) dropped by 30%, lost another 8bls, brining my total weight loss in almost 2 Months to 30bls. And my BMI dropped 30%. God is not slack when it comes to His promises (3 John 1:2, Philippians 4:19). Proverbs 16:21 says... “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” When we choose Life, we get life! *****************************************#chooselife#eatlifegetlife#plantbased#rawfoods#lifegivingfoods#godfulfillshispromises#letfoodbethymedicineandmedicinebethyfood#nothingtastebetterthanbeinghealthy#godgetsalltheglory️

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