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Author Vie Ciné (@vieis_me) Instagram Profile Photovieis_me

Author Vie Ciné

Author Vie Ciné (@vieis_me) Instagram Photo

This is what Black manhood is like. Black women and girls are trafficked the most in the United States by BLACK MEN. Stats show 40.4% of victims are African-American. This is almost four times higher than the percentage of African-Americans living in the United States, which the US Census Bureau currently lists as 13.1 percent of the total population. The FBI claims an even more surprising statistic for arrests under the age of 18, black children make up 55 % of all prostitution-related arrests in the U.S. where are the Black men to denounce this? Fight against this? Expose and enact punishment against these predators? Oh right, they're busy blaming single motherhood on you. Talking about weaves. And trying to figure out if Serena is a bedwench.Subscribe to for weekly blogs on rape, mental health and healing from a Black woman's perspective. Each new subscriber will get the FREE ebook titled 10 Tips To Detect A Pedophile!NEW BLOG: Family Is Broken ...But I’m Not Part 3Did you know I vlog? Every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern on the Author Vie Ciné Facebook Page I host Pardon This Interruption where we discuss the hot topics in the news as well as aspects of rape culture in our every day lives and how to end rape culture. Don't be a stranger; join us! #tuesdaywithvie#goaskvieFacebook Page: Author Vie CinéTwitter: VIE_IS_MEInstagram: vieis_meWebsite: www.vieisme.comHave a question for Vie or want Vie to cover rape topics? Tag me and use hashtag or #goaskvieAlso get my ebook titled MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD on Amazon Kindle. My testimony of overcoming child sexual abuse:

brookeleigh ✨ (@wednesdayfnaddams) Instagram Profile Photowednesdayfnaddams

brookeleigh ✨


[TRIGGERY: Sexual assault] If you're sitting here shocked that Cyntoia Brown is imprisoned, if you're floored at the sexual assault news spinning lately, etc etc :: remember that it's all intertwined. It's all seated in our society. look here! these are comments on a story about sexual assault. This is how (mostly) men talk about sexual assault survivors. This is what survivors speaking out deal with. FUCK OFF MISOGYNY. I have no spoons to say much else but fuck the fucking patriarchy. If you still bring up that some women fake rape, promptly go fuck yourself AND DISMANTLE YOUR TOXIC VIEWS. Shut your own shit views down and then speak up to shut down others. Do your part. Bye. #patriarchybullshit#feminism#sextrafficking#sexualassault#rapeculture#smashthepatriarchy#smashthesystem#menaretrash#intersectionalfeminism

Repstar™Graphics & Photography (@repstarg) Instagram Profile Photorepstarg

Repstar™Graphics & Photography

Repstar™Graphics & Photography (@repstarg) Instagram Photo
M. B. S. (@makeloveyourmottopoet) Instagram Photo

I wish this wasn’t a reality but it is and I was tagged by @l.n.g_poetryvia @femmehoodto repost this image to bring awareness to #rapecultureand to STOP #victimblamingI am tagging a few to join in but this is truly open to ALL.••#rp#endvictimblaming#metoo#signs#timeforchange#nobodyaskedforit#poetrycommunity#writingcommunity#important

k. torne poetry (@tornepages) Instagram Profile Phototornepages

k. torne poetry

k. torne poetry (@tornepages) Instagram Photo

idk if it's just me but one of the annoying parts of being bi is when you run into an ex and you're with your new partner and they assume (even if you told them straight up your bi) that all the reasons you broke up weren't real. no, it's because you're gayor totally straight all of a sudden. smdh.words & doodles are my own #ktorne************follow @tornepagesfor morefollow the link in my profile for my tumblr for longer pieces ️

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