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💟Dolly Daisy-May&Coco Bentley💟 (@thebentleydogtrio) Instagram Profile Photothebentleydogtrio

💟Dolly Daisy-May&Coco Bentley💟

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Dogs Videos

..Teaching budding teenies can be tough act someti 1667710435103921479
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Here is bear my super cute pure bread charcoal lab! He's now 8 weeks old and 1 day, we got him when he was exactly 7 weeks old and I kept procrastinatingto do this post until now. His name is Bear (because he looks like a little bear cub) charlie (because he's a charcoal lab) frost (because it was snowing where we go him in bend) prince Florence the 3rd just because. Or you can just call him bear. Or b.c.f.p.f.t.3 (yes I did have to get up three times when writing this post to let him go potty) he's so intelligent for his age, he's already learned 'come' his name and 'no' . He'san amazing dog that when we were looking for a puppy we made the connection right away#bear #puppy #puppylover #doglover #dog #petiwnersofportland