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Eva - @happyeva_26 Instagram Photo

Finally able to accept that there are people who are Just plain evil and rotten to the core, that NO amount of love, understanding, compassion or anything can rescue them, you can only lose yourself in trying!#setbounderies #nodrama #peaceofmind #terriblepeople #toxicpeople #narcissist #sociopath #psychopath #assholes #dontloseyourself #happylife

GENJI - @genji0v Instagram Profile Photogenji0v


GENJI - @genji0v Instagram Photo
정연수 - @pietro_y.s_kh_jung Instagram Photo

..1987 BOOWY 1224.BOOWY-PSYCHOPATH.보위로서 마지막 정규앨범 수록곡인 PSYCHOPATH...이 곡도 다른 곡들과 마찬가지로 라이브 버전이 더 좋다.개인적으로 PSYCHOPATH 앨범 컨셉이 마음에 들어서 이런 스타일로 더 활동했으면 좋았을텐데... 하는 생각도 든다..#boowy#보위#ボウイ#psychopath#boowypsychopath#氷室京介#布袋寅泰#高橋まこと#松井恒松#일음#일본음악#jrock#rock#日本ロックの伝説

Anita Bentata - @anitabentata Instagram Profile Photoanitabentata

Anita Bentata

Anita Bentata - @anitabentata Instagram Photo

Often women are given what I believe is incorrect advice. My heart breaks when I hear how women have escaped and continue to be tortured. I am truly grateful for my lawyer because even though she could not change the outcome beyond her control, she set up a future of minimising his manipulation because she made sure he never had awarding to speak wirh me. All Christmas, Easter, mothers and fathers days were organised. There was no back and forth. When they were young if something didn’t work out, the children or I missed out, or him, missed out but that’s life, we can’t make everything work out. Advice such as saying, “I’ll think about it” prolongs more back and forth and gives a message that he may be able to manipulate you if he keeps going. This is I believe a healthy time to be inflexible. There is a place for everything, in the right context. Be a boring repetitive brick wall, be consistent and firm. And have a good lawyer who thinks long term, is collaborative, transparent, explains, gets trauma and abuse and is not colluding with ‘keeping the peace’.

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