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Erica Leigh - @ericaleighmusic Instagram Accountericaleighmusic

Erica Leigh

Erica Leigh - @ericaleighmusic Instagram Photo

And the orders have already begun coming in! Woohoo! Thank you for those of you who have shown such immediate interest in my fine art prints & thus supporting me in this new chapter! @artandframeemporiumhas been so helpful in the ordering process, sending me updates like this picture, working with me to make sure that each print is the highest quality possible!I’m picking up a small batch tomorrow morning which will be sold at Sunday’s show in CT, and preparing to ship out to my first few online customers on Monday. I can take orders any time, and even customize the print to your needs. Please DM me for details. (Official online store coming soon!)

.Hart_Graphics💡🚀✏️ - @_hart_graphics Instagram Account_hart_graphics


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Dennis The Menace Jackson - @menacemonsterart Instagram Accountmenacemonsterart

Dennis The Menace Jackson

Dennis The Menace Jackson - @menacemonsterart Instagram Photo

Freaks and Finelines is now available for subscription purchase!!! Get all 10 prints plus the bonus 11th print now! Order now to claim your subscription set and receive all 11 in one bundle with stickers from both artists!Only 10 subscriptions available for purchase, PayPal preferred, first come, first served so don't miss out!! Each piece of artwork is printed on quality 12"x18" 90lb watercolor paper.They are all hand signed, numbered and titled at the bottom by both artists. Dennis Menace Jackson Denise MosleyEmail MenaceLovesDoll@gmail.comto claim your print series now!The entire series is $200 and includes bonus items, instant gratification of receiving the entire series at once and free shipping.After the first if the year, if there are any prints left, the subscription offer will be terminated and individual prints will be sold for $25 each and will be released in order, one per month.If you gotta have em all, and ya gotta have em now, order the Subscription today! You'll save money and get extra goodies too!Lotsa love from Menace & Doll!MeNAcE - Monster Art Kustom DeLuxe.@doll_kustom#hotrod#hotrodmonster#lowbrowart#lowbrow#menace#prints#pinstriping#monster#skull#freaks#fineline

Art Prints Vancouver - @art_prints_vancouver Instagram Accountart_prints_vancouver

Art Prints Vancouver

Art Prints Vancouver - @art_prints_vancouver Instagram Photo

Art Prints Vancouver · TEXTURE / SHAPE / TYPE COLLECTION · Contemporary prints for sale · 24 x 36", high quality photographic paper, aluminum frame · #art , #artprint , #artprints , #artwork , #prints ,

Sophia M - @sugarandspice_babyshop Instagram Photo

Saturdayzzzz.... Double Trouble Long Sleeve Tee and Hi Honey Shorts by Raspberry Republic... get 'em at @sugarandspice_babyshopxo

Tessa L.Hall - @textiles1968 Instagram Accounttextiles1968

Tessa L.Hall

Tessa L.Hall - @textiles1968 Instagram Photo

In the early part of summer, one of my designs in Printed Village was chosen by the Nice Collection in Mexico. I am happy to see it there online for sale.#nice#mexico#pebbles#orange#patterndesign#printedvillage#surfacepatterns#textiles#fabric#prints#abstract#nicecollection

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